Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar Pre-Order Books Open... In UK

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For Honda and Acura fans it's been far too long since the companies made something truly exciting for driving enthusiasts.

That should change when the new Acura NSX supercar arrives, following its debut fanfare at the Detroit Auto Show last year.

Acura hasn't yet revealed a release date for the NSX, nor full specifications on its hybrid drivetrain--but buyers in the UK can now put down a deposit to reserve their place in the line.

While the NSX is on its way to production, it'll take a brave customer to put their name down on the list having seen only concept models. Particularly so as pre-orders will cost UK buyers £5,000--over $7,600 at current exchange rates.

The production NSX is due to hit showrooms in 2015, and Honda UK says 20 interested parties have already put their names on the list--without even knowing the model's eventual price.

It's unlikely to be cheap. The original 1990s NSX wasn't outrageously expensive for its day, but Honda's reputation wasn't quite up to commanding that sort of money, and the cars sold poorly in Europe.

Like the original, which wowed critics with the sound and response of its 3.0-liter (and later 3.2-liter) V-6 VTEC gasoline engines, the new Acura NSX, set to be built in Ohio, majors on technology.

A V-6 appears once again, this time playing its part in Honda's Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system (SH-AWD). The gasoline engine will power the rear wheels, while electric power will handle the fronts.

Like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive we recently featured, the Honda will feature torque vectoring to its electrically-driven front wheels--allowing for precise control of the car's attitude at speed.

It should also be surprisingly economical for its type, though we're unlikely to know true figures until much closer to the NSX's launch.

But would you be eager enough to put down a deposit without knowing much about the car? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Wow finally a hybrid that has some class! I'm sick of the ugly hybrid/electric cars,take off the badges and they all look alike! That's why I love the Tesla, it's got personality and looks so sexy. I don't understand why the majority of car makers think that all of them have to be so ugly! If I had lots of money I'd sure consider putting money down on an incredible looking car like this. And even now if I knew how much the cost of it was I would consider doing it. My next car will be an electric or hybrid which I'll be in the market for this fall if I can find one I can stand looking at. Come on car guys there is a market for hot looking electric/hybrids so what's the problem? Not all of us want family cars!

  2. ELR? i8?

  3. Mclaren P1? Infiniti Q50?

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