2014 Mitsubishi Mirage: EPA Gas Mileage For Manual Car Revealed

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The 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is due to arrive in U.S. dealers this fall, but until now we've only known the EPA gas mileage of the CVT automatic variant.

At 37 mpg city, 44 highway and 40 mpg combined it's one of the most efficient subcompacts on the market, and thanks to Mitsubishi Canada announcing official mpg figures, we can now estimate EPA numbers too.

MirageForum.com revealed the official Canadian numbers yesterday. Thanks to the way Canadian testing works, there's always a consistent percentage difference between those figures and EPA numbers--providing an accurate estimate of U.S. figures.

With its 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine and a five-speed manual transmission, the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage should return 34 mpg city, 43 highway and 38 combined.

That's a little behind the efficiency-optimized CVT model, but still more than respectable for a car in the Mirage's class.

Size-wise the Mirage straddles both minicar and subcompact classes, but aside from the 2013 Toyota Prius C, a more expensive hybrid, the Mirage is the most fuel-efficient small car available.

Some have likened the car to a modern-day Geo Metro, in that its efficiency stems from light weight, compact size and a small, simple engine rather than expensive technology--though it goes without saying that the Mirage offers modern standards of safety, equipment and comfort too.

We've already driven the Mirage 1.2 manual, albeit in UK-specification trim, and returned a trip computer-indicated 39 mpg during our drive--suggesting those estimated figures aren't too wide of the mark.

And while driving, those Geo Metro comparisons continue--it's pleasant if unexciting, and not quite as polished a product as some of the existing class leaders.

For some, that won't matter--and when Mitsubishi announces official U.S. pricing (expected to be relatively low) it may well offer some of the best-value mpg on the market.


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Comments (16)
  1. Very impressive.

  2. Playing more with the Geo/Chevy Metro comparison: the Mirage actually exceeds the EPA ratings of the last Metros sold while offering a bigger engine and ~35% more power.

    The power/efficiency potential of the wee Metro 3-banger was hampered by: single point throttle body injection; 2-valves per cylinder; and fixed valve timing. And unlike the Mirage's CVT, the Metro's automatic transmission was an efficiency destroyer compared to the manual car! (It was an agricultural 3-speed unit without a lockup torque converter.)

    I'm not dissing the Metro... I still have one. So it'll be interesting to see if the minor cult following that developed around the old Metro latches on to the new Mirage.

  3. Depends if you count the xfi model which is 43/52/47 (US). Those are still better numbers than the Mirage we're getting. I'm quite disappointed our numbers aren't as good as many other countries seem to be getting for the Mirage.


    (I don't have an xfi, but I've replaced my cam with the same specs as the xfi has, so it gets similar mileage since that was the main difference).

  4. Yeah, I left out the XFi on purpose - it only accounted for 5-10% of sales when it was available, if memory serves. (Just as Mitsu is predicting the most efficient 1.0L Mirage will make up a similar proportion of sales in the U.K. compared to the 1.2L car.)

  5. Maybe we will see 12 sold in the US and how long can Mitsu last .Time to pack up an go back to Japan.

  6. Considering the direction gas prices are going, that would be a surprise.

  7. I would still get a used regular Prius that has more power and MPG. But those numbers are very good for a traditional small car, good highway for it's small size and the city numbers are decent too.

  8. Good point, Daniel. Though I think Mitsu's warranty will be a selling point (10 years in Canada; not sure about the U.S.). I'd also wager we're going to see the Mirage on top of those "lowest total cost of ownership" comparisons because of its entry level pricing and miserly fuel use.

  9. As a hypermiler, I am very interested in the new Mirage. I have a contact at Mitsubishi and am currently trying to obtain a pre production or press car for the Sports Motor Car Club's Montreal Economy Run competition on June 8th. I am quite confident that 50+ mpg can be easily achieved with the new Mirage

  10. The Canadian ratings are consistently at least20% more optimistic than the EPA ratings so you might have to draft a big truck.

  11. For those interested, there is a forum dedicated to the new Mirage: http://mirageforum.com/forum/forum.php

  12. Hi, lindtech -

    FYI Mitsu has held a number of "economy run" competitions during the Mirage press introductions in various countries. Fuel economy in the mid-60's to low 70's mpg (US) for the 1.2L engine, are common among the competitive gearhead auto writers. (Google "Mirage economy run" and you'll find details of some of these contests.)

    I've been to the Montreal competition Mike's talking about, and I think he's right that the Mirage could turn in 50+ MPG (US) over that demanding route.

  13. Its efficient as long as it runs 60 MPH on the open road with one driver and no AC. But as soon as you replace this ideal with reality, 4 PAX on the clogged freeway at an average of 10 miles per hour and the AC at full blast because its 38 degrees centigrade ten all this "efficiency" goes to hell pronto. So stick with EV's as the only existent viable close to ZE reality.

  14. I consistently get around 45 US mpg with my '92 Metro in real driving conditions. (In fact, I use it as a delivery vehicle, so I would contend that I drive my car harder than the average person).


  15. I'm very excited at the prospect of the mirage. Its going to be one of the most economical cars you can buy. Super low cost of ownership. I might add that no car gets good gas milage stuck in a traffic jam. Also, Darin forgot to mention the economy runs for the mirage were performed with the A/C on. 60+ mpg with A/C running and no battery packs to worry about, sounds good to me. Not that anything is wrong with owning a hybrid.

  16. I currently drive a 1996 Ford Aspire 1.3L 5 speed and regularly see 45+ MPG tank averages on E10. The Mirage has 10 more horses, weighs 200 lbs less, and has a MUCH lower drag coefficient, so I should have no problem cracking 50 MPG on a regular basis. I'll definitely be purchasing one.

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