The Mercedes-Benz SLS Electric Drive Is "Mega" (Video)

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Most people probably think of electric cars as an environmental solution, if the concept is to be pigeonholed.

While that's certainly the case, what many people don't know is that electric vehicles can also be a lot of fun.

Nowhere is this demonstrated better than the video you see above, as a chrome blue Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive scythes its way around a race track.

Chris Harris from the Drive Youtube channel is very much a typical gearhead, with a love for internal combustion and the associated sounds, smells and sensations that brings.

But it's fair to say he enjoys what the electric SLS has to offer, as he pitches it into turns with only a small whine from the motors, the screech of tires and the rumble of curbs disturbing his monologues. The roar of the SLS's usual V-8 engine is nowhere to be heard.

The video focuses as much on the car's highly advanced 'torque vectoring' system as it does on the powertrain itself.

With individual motors supplying power to individual wheels, the car's computers provide almost unlimited control over the behavior of each wheel. As much or as little power can be supplied depending on cornering attitude, even providing resistance or 'negative torque' where necessary to help the car rotate.

And when you hit a straight, a maximum of 740 horsepower and 738 pounds-feet of torque is unleashed. When Mr Harris isn't laughing in amazement, he has just one word to describe the SLS: "Mega".

But don't just take his word for it. Our own Marty Padgett also got behind the wheel of the SLS Electric Drive, and you can see his full video and test report here.

Electric cars? Green certainly. But also mega fun.


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Comments (3)
  1. Gearheads better get use to EV drive as it blows away ICE's in every way but range at that only needs to Battery stations to be put in.

    But until then a small ICE can put out average power and let the excessive, instance, flat torque of EV's rule the racetrack.

  2. I roll my eyes when I hear car reviewers using debunked twaddle like carbon footprint for making electrics, as though making an ICE car is more environmentally friendly? It was enjoyable, however, to see this knuckledragger blown away by the performance and tech, even though he bent over backwards to downplay the practicality of the car. Since when has ANY supercar been practical? He's well off on his prediction of usability too. The only thing holding electrics back now is the lack of charging stations, which is ridiculous when one considers the ubiquity of electricity and the comparative ease of installation. Hopefully in 10 years we'll be scratching our heads as how we ever used such a convoluted fuel system as oil/gas.

  3. @John: Ummmmm ... not quite clear exactly how far your "debunked twaddle" comment applies? To the concept of carbon footprint in general?

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