2013 Tesla Model S Ready For Delivery: So Close & Yet So Far

2013 Tesla Model S in Queens, NY, service center, awaiting delivery to buyer David Noland, Feb 2013

2013 Tesla Model S in Queens, NY, service center, awaiting delivery to buyer David Noland, Feb 2013

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After just about four years of waiting, my 2013 Tesla Model S has arrived.


The call from the Tesla delivery rep came on February 4, the last day of the two-week delivery window promised back in December.

My car, with metallic green paint, 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack, black leather interior, air suspension, had arrived at the service/delivery center in Queens, New York.

To say that I was eagerly anticipating its final delivery to my home--just 60 miles upstate in the Hudson Valley--would be the understatement of the year.

But fate can be cruel.

Tomorrow, on February 7, I'm scheduled to leave for a two-week biking trip in Myanmar.

I briefly considered taking delivery before the trip, driving the car for a day or two, and then heading off to Myanmar. 

But I wasn't sure I could bear the frustration of abandoning the car after such a brief taste of its pleasures.

And I really didn't like the idea of my brand-new Model S sitting unused, potentially buried in a snowdrift, for the first two weeks of its life.

So, with very mixed feelings, I have postponed delivery until February 22, two days after I return.

Although this kind of short-term delivery postponements can be arranged, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] recently confirmed that once a customer signs the final configuration paperwork, it won't allow long-term production or delivery delays (as a few customers have now requested).

The delivery rep assures me the car will be stored indoors and watched over carefully.

Hopefully they'll have plenty of time to inspect it carefully, correct any small defects, and perhaps install the updated defroster vent that the company is apparently developing.

I'll report what my new Tesla Model S is like to drive, in detail, as soon as I actually drive it--in two more weeks.

Stay tuned.

David Noland is a Tesla Model S reservation holder and freelance writer who lives north of New York City.


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Comments (15)
  1. Congratulations, and bummer you have to leave for two weeks.

    My 60 kWh was to arrive today but the truck driver never called and my Tesla Delivery Specialist(s) are not calling me back. So I wait. Oh the waiting ....

  2. Update: It is still at the factory with keyfob issues. Communication is not Tesla's strong suit at this point ....

  3. This article has the journalistic significance of me telling you about my favorite Christmas present from 2012.

  4. And yet you took the time to not only read it, but to post a childish comment about it. The author has written a series of updates like this, so feel free to stop reading, and commenting, if it's not of interest to you...

  5. Oh noes! You found something on the Internet you didn't like! Quick, start a support group!
    Personally, I enjoyed reading it.

  6. Yeah, OK. you are right.
    But...I have been following this story for a while and glad Mr. Noland updated us with this small piece of information.

  7. There are more comments in this thread
  8. Congratulations Noland. I too received a call that my long awaited Green Metallic Model S could be delivered on Dec. 22. The only day in December that I wouldn't be home. Fortunately, the Tesla delivery specialist offered to deliver the car on Sunday, Dec 23. My delivery specialist was on time to the minute, and she spent the next 2 hours patiently giving me the standard orientation, including a short test drive.

    After logging more than 2,000 enjoyable miles, I realize that I will never purchase another gasoline powered car. Enjoy!

  9. Dave SRQ, great to hear that your Tesla is what you'd hoped. We'd all like to read a brief update or two when you have the time.

    Mr. Noland, have a safe trip to Myanmar and I'm looking forward to hearing about your car when you get back and start driving.

  10. robok2 - Brief update as requested.
    My Model S is an 85kWh, 300 mile version with a few other upgrades. I've averaged about 1,200 miles per month. 99% of our refueling is at home in our garage. Our electric bill went up by about $50/mo. Our gasoline expense went down by $250/mo. We took a 2 day trip and logged a total of about 350 miles. Spent one night at a hotel with an EV charging station. We refueled overnight. Electricity & valet parking were complimentary. I've had a few other day trips of about 175 miles each. Didn't bother to use public charging stations. Most other days I average about 40 miles.

    I've had two software updates downloaded to the car overnight, using it's 3G connection, and one visit to a Tesla Service Ctr.

  11. robok2 - Brief update as requested - part 2
    For the folks who haven't driven a Model S, I'll say the acceleration is similar to a having a big V-8 engine, but with no hesitation, transmission, vibration, etc., and no sound other than the tires. The car can go 300mi at a constant 55mph. But where I live (FL), the hwy speed limit is 70mph. Most traffic moves at 75mph. At 75mph, with the AC on, my range is reduced by about 20%. So basically 3.5 hrs of driving at 75mph or 4.75 hrs of driving at 55mph, or several hours of driving in city traffic. Not bad.

    I get lots of compliments regarding the car from other drivers. Most don't know who makes the car, or that the car is 100% electric. It's probably the least recognized MotorTrend winner.

  12. dave, I think I can speak for many here when I write "thank you." The details are helpful for those of us with limited chances to see a Tesla, much less, drive or ride in one.

    If you can occasionally keep us posted, just as you did here, we'll all be appreciative, just as we are this time.

  13. Hopefully it will be stored indoors. I've driven past their Queens facility many times and there are at least 10 Tesla S vehicles parked outside...

  14. David. Congratulations, have a great bike trip.

    We took delivery of our 60kWh, very loaded, "S" ten days ago. To put it mildly," the reality of driving our 'S' exceeded my fantasies!" The fit and finish of our "S" is fantastic, my only complaint is the front-passenger floor mat likes to flop down. The systems are easy to learn, the "S" is a joy to drive. Charging is easy. My wife is very jealous, every night I wonder into to the garage after midnight to charge the "S." It looks very funny in my garage because the "S" is a very large car and my vintage Alfa Romeo Spider is so small.

    Hurry home and enjoy driving the 21st Century.

  15. David, if biking through Myanmar doesn't sufficiently distract you, I'm not sure what will.

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