Which Hybrids Get Good Mileage Even If You Hot-Rod?

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Honda CR-Z hybrid car on an autocross course [Image: Flickr user NoWin]

Honda CR-Z hybrid car on an autocross course [Image: Flickr user NoWin]

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We're always interested to hear what sort of cars our readers drive.

We're even more interested to hear what gas mileage you're all getting from those cars.

Testing a car for a weekend, or a week, is all well and good, but a wide cross-section of owners will always get wildly varying results, depending on driving style, environmental conditions, or topography.

They're all factors that make cars like the Ford Fusion and C-Max Hybrids incredibly efficient on paper, but less so in the real-world.

In contrast, some cars can be thrashed mercilessly and rarely dip into unacceptable figures. One reader in particular, Juan Arango, brought this to our attention, when he commented on 'Honda Insight: The Forgotten Hybrid?'

"I bought my 2010 Insight exactly 3 years ago," he said, "and I have put a little over 45K miles on it. Average fuel efficiency is at 42.5 m/g, which I consider to be great, because of how I drive.

"I tried getting the best efficiency I could in mixed city/highway driving. I got about 46 m/g. Everybody who got stuck behind me in traffic must have hated me back in the first quarter of 2010. Then I decided that it was a lot more fun for me, and a lot better for the planet if people who stopped behind me at a traffic light had to go from "Darn it, I am behind a hybrid" to "Wow. What hybrid was that?"

"It is fun to drive" he added.

He's probably right. And it got us thinking.

We'd love to know what gas mileage readers get when they really hammer their hybrids.

Those days when you really need to be somewhere in a hurry, or if you've gone for a drive on a favorite local road. When economy isn't at the forefront of your mind--but you look down at the trip meter at the end of the drive and still think, "Gee... that's actually not bad!"

So leave your comments and experiences below. We want to know which hybrids are most efficient, not when you're deliberately trying to save gas, but when you're not.


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Comments (20)
  1. I don't have a hybrid :(

  2. It's not just hybrids, it's any car that recaptures energy while breaking. The more you hot-rod it, the more energy is available for capture while breaking, this reduces the effect of driving more aggressively on MPG (or eMPG).

  3. Not entirely true. No battery, be it Li-Ion or Ni-Mh can recapture energy effectively if you are a hard braker.

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. This is why I speed in my Volt. I think "efficient" green car needs a different image.

    I corner fast and accelerate fast. I never want other people to think Volt is slow. I rather want people to think " that is a nice plugin that I can see myself driving"...

    This is exactly why I love Tesla S. No compromise in performance. I think that is exactly why Prius has ran its course in upholding the hybrid image.

  6. Yes, I am sure your accelerate and corner fast (or slowly) based on other people's opinions of you.

    Give me a break.

  7. heheh, well I drive that way regardless. :)

    But I do want to showcase how a plugin car can be fast and without giving up any performance compromise comparing to an ICE car.

  8. Obey traffic laws for your safety n the safety of others on the road...regardless of what you drive.

  9. ruin those 21 inch tires reel quiek, its cheeper dat wa

  10. I have a cadillac DTS, and also have a lot of fun gunning the northstar engine, I can travel more than a thousand miles or more with another driver, driving like an insane person, and never have layovers for charging or having to waste days and nights seeking a compatible charger, which does not exist on our interstates and never will because next year the cheep hydrogen fuel cell revolution begins without actual coal fired power plant emissions unlike the flashlight battery powered EV's and their short history in the automotive world

  11. There is NO way I would believe in Hydrogen fuel cells. NOT b/c it won't work. It is b/c I don't believe we can design an idiot-proof system to safely dispense hydrogen with half of the population below average IQ...

  12. i have a Manuel crz and drive the crap out of it all of the time in sport mode. I live in northern MT and when its around 10 degrees i get 32.7 and when its around 40 i get 38 and when its 70 i get 43 i have checked in temperatures above 80 though

  13. *have not

  14. Where's the mileage data on "which hybrids get good mileage"? Great opportunity for GCR to develope a Green Performance Test cycle. ;)

    Suggestions: energy used to accelerate 0-60, 0-100 mph, energy recovered decelerating 60-0, 100-0 mph, energy used over X laps on a performance track (with a 30-50 mile test run).

    Looking forward to seeing GCRs letting loose to show us your green grin.

  15. the green grin is painted on the black coal color underneath from the energy source. coal fired power plants. green is actually black, and kinda nasty if you live down wind

  16. @Jackie Cox,

    What is your problem? He is talking about hybrids. Hybrids do NOT use any electricity generated outside the car.

    Are you breathing in way too much CO from your exhaust?

  17. What about hybrid plug-ins?

  18. I drive a 2012 Insight. My lifetime fuel economy per fuelly.com is currently at 44.2 mpg, with a best of 47.4 and a worst of 39.7 (lot of snow during that tank!). Love the car - test drove the Prius C and the Insight, and honestly, I just found the Insight more fun to drive. (I also preferred the interior and exterior.)

  19. My DTS near 5,000 pound car get near 30 mpg on the interstate, and if we have a collision, guess which one will walk away ?

  20. Depending on the type and speed of the collison.

    If he runs into your driver side at 40 mph, my money is on him...

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