Mitsubishi i In Cheapest Electric Car Lease Yet: $69 Per Month

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Mitsubishi i $69 per month lease deal

Mitsubishi i $69 per month lease deal

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If you're eager to get behind the wheel of an electric car, then there are few cheaper ways of doing it than one lease deal from an Illinois Mitsubishi dealer.

O'Brien Mitsubishi in Normal, IL, is offering a new Mitsubishi i electric car for lease from just $69 per month over 24 months--far less than Mitsubishi's official lease program, at $249 per month over 36 months.

According to Autoblog Green, the $69 deal involves putting down tax, title and license up front, which comes to around $2,100--so you do have to put a reasonable amount down initially. There's no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

An alternative deal rolls those costs into the monthly payment, which still makes for an entirely accessible $169 per month payment, over the same 24 months.

The lease deal is proving popular with customers, with around a dozen taking the option since the start of the year. O'Brien Mitsubishi says 90 percent of their lease customers are having Level 2 charging ports installed at their homes--reducing charging time from empty to around 7 hours.

The Mitsubishi deal isn't the only inexpensive lease scheme we've seen recently, with Nissan Leafs from as little as $139 per month, and the Focus Electric from $199/month.

Despite attention-grabbing deals, Mitsubishi is still a minnow in the electric market--under 600 "i"s were sold last year, in an already-small (but growing) market.

Would $2,100 down and $69 per month tempt you into a Mitsubishi i? Leave your thoughts below.


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Comments (17)
  1. I've always avoided leasing because they don't make sense when you run a vehicle until it dies. However, this price is attractive. Would have to carefully read the terms of the lease before signing.

  2. @Gregg - Exact same thoughts here. I keep my cars until the bitter end. But when you factor the savings in gas, this little guy is pretty much paying for himself.
    As you wrote though; read that small print.

  3. I agree. But leasing makes sense for EVs. Technology are changing fast and battery longivity is questionable at this point. So, why NOT just lock in the savings today by leasing?

    It wouldn't work in my case since I put about 20,000 miles on my car per year.

  4. Excellent point about the battery. But I am not concerned about the reliability since the warranty covers it. I do think battery prices will continue to fall. The next 3-5 years will be very exciting.

  5. I would do it in a heartbeat if they were in my area.

  6. Good price, but still wouldn't cover all the towing I'd need to go past 63 miles.
    Point being, I think limited range is the deterrent, not high prices.

  7. In Israel, Albar leasing is leasing the midsize sedan Fluence ZE for 400$/month for 36 months inclusive of 15000 miles per year, unlimited range, thanks to the batt-swap tech already installed all over Israel. Better Place installs the charge port and the batt-switch stations which are generally 24 miles apart, the car able to run for 90 miles at highway speeds before switching or charging. Charge time empty to charged is 6 hours.

  8. Maybe I missed the point here, but I am guessing that $400/month is more than $69/month.

  9. Yes, it would be of possible interest to me for any of the leases mentioned, but I live in an apartment complex. There's no way I could have a charging station. I would love to have an electric car, but can't.

  10. Leonard - check out the information available on a pdf on the SDG&E Utility website relative to multi-unit dwelling vehicle charging (Prepping for Plug-in Vehicles) at - go to Residential then Apartments (link at bottom of page).

  11. Makes you want to go and get one in Illinois. It's a great little car and certainly the EV that makes the most sense. My test drives have been very positive. The strangest part was that girls really liked it. They kept on smiling at me and I drive a 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider. Go figure!

  12. I'd jump on the lease with two feet ! Seems like a great way to try-out an electric with little downside. Too bad I already own one. I might even consider flying to Illinois and towing it back with a UHaul.

  13. The deal sounds great no doubt. For whatever reason though, the deal is $89 a month if you click on the link to the dealer {OBrien Mitsubishi].

  14. hell of a deal, if the dealers out on the east coast offered it, i know half a dozen people who would go for it.
    it's a good price for a daily commuter

  15. I saw one of these on the highway yesterday and I was surprised that anyone was actually buying them.. Can you guess where I was when I saw it? Bloomington Illinois, which is the twin city of Normal Illinois. I think I'll go test drive one this weekend. My daily drivers right now are a 99 dodge dakota and an 08 pontiac grand prix gxp... Not the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road and i'm ready to make a change. Thanks for giving me incentive to!

  16. I'd sure like to see the breakdown of that $2100. The lease total is $1656 (69 x 24) - even if the sales tax was 20%, that'd be only $331. I can't believe that the license and title costs amount to $1,769 or more, can you?

  17. I am paying roughly $240 a month for my used 2011 Leaf I bought in May of 2014. I plan to keep it fo at least 10 years. If I do that I figure it would cost me aprox. $99 per month (payment only) taking into consideration I would have payed $2,100 up front.

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