Nissan Leaf Breaks Electric Car Convoy Record With 225 Cars

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Nissan Leafs break the world record for largest electric car convoy

Nissan Leafs break the world record for largest electric car convoy

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Agroup of Nissan Leaf owners from around the United Kingdom have broken the world record for the 'largest parade of electric vehicles'.

With 225 Nissan Leafs and an overcast, wet Silverstone race circuit, a parade of 225 cars broke the previous record, held by Chrysler with 218 vehicles.

Nissan UK organized the event to help drivers share ownership experiences, and to gather information on how they use their cars.

Among the drivers was actor, TV presenter, electric car advocate and one-time GreenCarReports contributor Robert Llewellyn, who described the view as "the oddest electric car sight I've ever seen" on Twitter.

The convoy has officially set a new Guinness World Record, under the careful eye of adjudicators.

Paul O'Neill, product manager for the Nissan Leaf in the UK, commented, "[We] want to thank all the owners who helped us achieve this, we couldn't have done it without them."

Now, the only question is--can U.S. Leaf owners set an even higher record?...


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  1. Brilliant! Worryingly, there's only two 'charging points' at Silverstone which are just 3-pin wall sockets that can be used for free with permission. It wouldn't matter really as it would've been just a slow lap or two. I wonder how loud it was though...

  2. Last year at the plug-in day festivities in Orange, CA, we had about 60 cars of various makes in a closing parade. With a little organizing I'm sure Southern California could shatter the record pretty easily.

  3. In Santa Monica I was in a parade that had almost that many vehicles.

  4. That was about 170 vehicles. Does it count if they are different makes? Only Tesla and BMW can show two differnt EVs, right?

  5. We set a record of 255 cars on the 14th of September in the Netherlands.
    Sorry Dutch only...

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