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2011 Tesla Roadster Sport. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

2011 Tesla Roadster Sport. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

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Tesla Roadster Sport

Though it's now out of production, the all-electric 2008-2011 Tesla Roadster will go down in history--just as James Bond has done.

Its jaw-dropping, battery-powered performance rockets the driver and one passenger toward the horizon in eerie silence, broken only by an electric whine, tire noise, and the rushing wind.

(Much easier to listen for the telltale sound of that black helicopter chasing you, eh, 007?)

And while the Roadster was crude, cramped, and not overly blessed with storage space, it was really all about performance.

It's just the kind of car to slingshot Bond away from the grim, relentless, black-suited henchmen of whichever evil archvillain he battles in the next movie or two.

We suspect Q's eyes might light up as he contemplated the 53 kilowatt-hours of lithium-ion cells stuffed into a battery box just behind the driver and passenger.

Small, detachable rail gun, anyone?

And while its provenance is American, the Tesla Roadster--or at least its rolling shell--was even built in Britain, at the Hethel plant of Lotus Cars.

What more could a tough and deadly English secret agent ask for?

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  1. The Tesla Roadster would be a great Bond car, it could sneak into enemy territory silently and then make a fast getaway. The Citroën DS5 Hybrid would make a chase seen through Paris look really good. But I think the villain should drive the Karma, so at the end you'd get that bad guy dying in a ball of fire after he shoots off the end of a pier scene. And then Bond could say something like "now that's what I call bad karma".

  2. The Rimac Concept One mentioned in Anthony Ingram’s “Five Electric Supercars We Want In Our Garage” article would easily fit in a Bond movie. It is one kick butt car. or

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