Home Depot Now Sells 30 Electric-Car Charging Stations

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GE WattStation Electric Car Charging Station

GE WattStation Electric Car Charging Station

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If you run an electric car, you may well have considered installing a dedicated charging station in your garage or on the side of your home.

After all, who wants to wait a dozen hours or more for their EV to charge using a standard 110-Volt outlet?

Last year we brought you news that Home Depot offered a small selection of charging stations, and a year later that selection has risen from five units to thirty.

And no, we're not being paid to say that, but the greater selection could be useful for any electric car owner shopping around for a convenient charger. More choice equals better competition, and lower prices.

Well, for some chargers at least.

While wall units are still available (including a Level 1 charger for $699--wait, don't all plug-in cars come with those anyway?...), Home Depot now also offers free-standing units.

Prices run into the thousands for those, but they could be ideal for business owners or apartment complexes wishing to provide charging facilities.

Level 2 wall units begin from $749.99 for a Schneider EVlink 30-amp charger, a model which seems to get plenty of positive reviews.

As ever, we'd recommend you don't tackle jobs like charger installation at home unless you're particularly confident with electrical equipment--some units need to be hard-wired and it isn't a job for the faint-hearted.

Home Depot--and other hardware stores--offer professional installation, so for the sake of your safety it's always wise taking them up on the offer.

You can find the full list of Home Depot's charging stations here.


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Comments (10)
  1. It's fantastic that such a big retail chain has started carrying a selection of electric car chargers. Now it would be nice if they'd put up some in-store displays.

  2. Will be nice when there are as many models of cars as there are chargers to nail to the walls.

  3. I still highly recommend Clipper Creek as a possible alternative.

    I bought my Clipper Creek LCS-25 and are very happy with it. It is the most compact Level 2 chargers out there. The only down side is that it is only rated 4.8KW. That is more than enough for the current Volt, Leaf, Pip, C-Max...

  4. For residential or commercial charging stations try these guys.

  5. Forgot to include the url. www.lilypadev.com

  6. If you're in BC, Canada I recommend BIG Green Island Transportation (www.biggreenisland.com). They will take you through the whole EV charging process and could get you a better rate on charging equipment than at Home Depot and do the installation to boot! Also, don't think Home Depot has chargers sold in Canada yet.

  7. The Voltec unit from SPX is 495$, which is 200$ less than my GM dealer was charging. Install is pretty simple. You need a dedicated 40 amp circuit and some conduit to run the 3 wires. Let's face, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to put the three wires in their appropriate spots. Just follow the instructions.

  8. @Mike: Ummmmm, depending on how stringently your town enforces its building code, your local Building Inspector may have a somewhat different idea.

    There are a handful of cases in which plug-in car fans, often those who converted a gasoline car to electric, have wired their own converters and subsequently lost a garage to fire.

    I'm not impugning your wiring skills, just noting that your town's laws may require (a) an inspection of any 240-Volt wiring and equipment; and/or (b) all such work to be performed by a licensed electrician.

    For the record.

  9. Good point. In my town you apply for a permit, generally based on the cost of the project, and the inspector comes out and OKs the finished work.

    I guess my point is that if you are at all comfortable with home wiring, the install of the Voltec is a snap.

  10. Even if its OK in your town to wire it yourself, get it inspected, should anything go wrong, your butt is covered and all for ~$50.

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