Electric-Car Owners: Gas Car In Your Space? Use This Notice!

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Blink notices for electric-car owners to use if charging-station parking spots are taken by gas cars

Blink notices for electric-car owners to use if charging-station parking spots are taken by gas cars

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It's called in shorthand "being ICEd," meaning that an Internal-Combustion Engined car has parked in a space reserved for plug-in electric cars.

What to do about it is the subject of much discussion among electric-car owners.

Now charging network Blink is offering at least a partial solution.

The company has put up on its website three different printable notices that can be placed under the wiper of the offending gasoline cars, pointing out to their drivers the error of their ways.

(Click here to download Blink courtesy notices.)

They range in tone from relatively polite to somewhat aggressive, with three different headlines:

  • You have ICEd* me!
  • Did you know you’re parked in an electric vehicle only parking spot?
  • You obviously know nothing about electric vehicles.

Along similar lines, Jack Brown-the owner of a BMW ActiveE electric car--posted a notice that simulates a traffic ticket to the ActiveE Facebook group.

We rather like the title of the official-looking document: "Notice of Inconsideration."

If you're an electric car driver, what tactics do you use when a charging spot is taken up by a gasoline car without a plug?

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.


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Comments (29)
  1. Love it

  2. Haha! "I don't park my EV at your gas pump!"
    That made me laugh. :D

  3. Actually, there has been at least one instance when that has happened due to a buggy Fisker Karma.


  4. If there were no access, and I NEEDED
    a charge, I'd have them towed. They need to learn that the blue EV sign is just like an HV sign.

  5. In most cases you can't Bill. Most of the charging stations are not legally dedicated EV only parking. I know California does have a law on the books, but most others states don't. I'm currently in the process of trying to get the Township of Montclair, NJ to pass an ordinance so the five public chargers they have can be designated as "EV Only" so violators and be ticketed and towed, but there is a LOT of pushback.

  6. It would be nice but many of the "public charging stations" are on "private" parking lots. The company in charge of the lot might NOT want to upset other "non-EV" owners...

  7. I got that in my email box.

    It is funny. But I would prefer some even more "polite" ones than those three notice.

    How about "Please don't block me in my charging spot, I am saving gas for you so you can have more of it at lower price"?

  8. ^^ This.

    Pointing out (often mutual) benefits instead of playing blame game should work tremendously better.

    "I'm silent. I keep your air clean. I don't compete for your gas. I help reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. (esp. for the US) Support our troops (or maybe some other patriotic message? Ideas welcome) -- please don't block charging spots".

    I found the Blink notices inadequate if not downright rude. They do more to alienate other drivers (some of whom may have negative preconceptions about anything non-SUV, let alone plug-ins and EVs) then promote co-existence.

  9. *than

  10. I saw iced EV only parking spaces just an hour ago. One was a Volt which is ok except they weren't using the charger. The other was a 1980's Ford Bronco, who backed in I'm guessing so that he could claim to have not seen the signs.

  11. Parking in EV spot without charging is still illegal in CA on public lots...

  12. Yah that's the thing about the Volt people try to tell you it's an electric car but really they can go without a charge at all. Sadly no one seems to care not even the police. Sometimes I hate being the considerate one when I see so many people that don't even try.

  13. Well, most Volt owners try to operate their Volt as EV. It is backed up by the Volt stats.

    I never park my Volt in any EV spots without charging. I charge wherever I can b/c I don't want to use gas and Volt can legitmately be an EV with battery charges.

    It is still better than a Prius Plugin "hogging" up a charging station for 6 hours...

  14. What happens if you are parked in a charging spot and you are done charging - but are not there to move it when done? Same thing, I guess. Say park a Volt in a charging spot at the airport, plug in, charge while you fly out of town - for 2 days.

  15. It should be first come first served, if you needed the charger when you entered the space it yours until your done. It's not a gas pump but that's what we think of, you don't fill up and move on. But no one wants to be a hog, so it should be up to the individual EV driver to deside if and when to be kind and move.

  16. I don't park my Volt in local charging spots just because I can to have a better parking spot. Others need it more. BUT. The other day we were at Ralph's groceries pharmacy to get our flew shots, 3 out of 4 EV spots were ICEed. So we parked in the one empty spot just to show that plugin cars do exists and park here. After my shot I waited in the Volt for my wife to do some shopping. All the other ICE cars had left but one. A big new Mercedes. I thought that when the driver came out I would politely engage him in a conversation about his parking violation. (It's illegal to park there if you are not pugged in as the signs stated.) Soon the guy came out. He was huge! Obviously a body builder. This guy is going to park wherever the F he wants!

  17. How about we can them EV refueling spots instead parking spots; make any difference, do you think?

  18. OK. I think these placards are WEAK! Here is the text of mine, which is printed on Avery 6573 adhesive labels, which I adhere to the middle of their windshield using the added stickiness of Weldwood Contact Cement available at Home Depot:

    "Illiteracy is no excuse." (in large font, followed by)

    "That is why the clearly marked "Electric Vehicle Charging Only" spot that you have parked in has signage with little pictures. And in the event that you just didn't care, please enjoy contemplating the meaning of courtesy as you scrape this sticker from your windshield."

  19. Steve; there is a quick charge station in WA that appears to have been vandalized. your actions encourage this kind of stuff. You might think you are being more effective but you are only encouraging retribution. Please do not do that in WA.

  20. I think these are too smug and only serve to alienate gas car drivers. None of the three options here are appropriate and two of them are just 5th grade school yard mentality. Yes, they sometimes are jerks and see the EV Parking Only signs and ignore them, but the high road which is simply polite and informative would be much better.

  21. I agree. I think "any signs" from EV/Plugin owners will only add to the conflict between ICE and Plugin owners. It is better approached from the parking lot owner's side. More signs, better markings and enforcement.

    I think it will also help if the actual charging spots get "frequent" use.

    Many of the EV spots are so infrequently used that ICE owners think nobody will ever use it.

    As we have more Plugin cars, the attitude will change, slowly.

  22. EV only signs must be standardized and then legalized. in WA, most are labeled "EV charging only" but its the right of the property owner as to whether they will tow or not and most (have yet to see one tow) elect not to. The bad part; there is a significant number of people who probably would not park there if they understood the signage. i know that seems strange but have actually read about and seen personally people pull into an EV charging spot, park THEN read the sign. I was charging at a station last summer and 3 or 4 people did this in a 30 minute time period. they would look over at me staring at them and back out and move on. I have no doubt in my mind that if i had not been there, they would not have moved

  23. How about a bright, hard to remove sticker over the fuel door; "I park in ev spaces, I must not need this any more."

  24. Devil's advocate here....nearly every post here has summarized what everyone else thinks of Prius(EV) drivers; self-righteous, entitled, arrogant, sensitive. Need I go on? As a Tesla reservation holder, I'd like to see a sign that's more educational than self-serving and sarcastic. The average driver is completely ignorant to electric vehicles and it's very likely unintentional. If we run around like a bunch of spoiled brats that didn't get their way, people are going to intentionally park here just to piss us off. See where I'm going with this? When electrics are far more mainstream, bring out your signs. Until then, educate politely.

  25. I agree. I think the best "education" is by using those stations as much as we can with all the EVs out there.

    That is the best "sign"...

  26. I disagree. The "average driver" is more than capable of reading the signage. They do not simply misunderstand or not see it altogether. They see it, comprehend it and still choose to occupy the space. The only thing that will change this inconsiderate behavior is enforcement with teeth. In the meantime, I've got some nice stickers for them. The bottom line is that the space is not available when you need to charge simply because someone else didn't think it mattered. There is nothing "self-righteous, entitled, arrogant, sensitive" about being irritated by, this type of behavior.

  27. Being irritated by this is understandable, but plastering their car with a childish temper tantrum of a poster is self-righteous, entitled, and arrogant. You catch more flies with honey.... Yes everyone is CAPABLE of reading, I just don't think most people bother to even look when it doesn't say "handicapped". Thus the polite approach is needed for now. There is a reason Prius/EV drivers get this negative stereotype. Don't exacerbate it by acting the part. You can get your point across without making all of us look like immature fools.

  28. I would discourage PEV drivers from using the last Blink notice, titled “You obviously know nothing about electric vehicles,” because it comes across as confrontational and demeaning. It will only serve to agitate ICE drivers potentially resulting in someone’s PEV or an EVSE getting vandalized. Instead, I recommend a form I found on the gm-volt/forum. I don't have a convenient URL, but just Google "Form 22511AB475" and it's the only result.

  29. This is coming from someone who doesn't have a car that needs to be plugged in, and most likely never will. (smaller, turbo engines are more for me, but that's not the point) Would it all all be possible to have charging ports that are accesible from more than one space? I know those would most likely cost more, but I don't think too many people would park in EV only spaces, like most won't park in handicap spaces. I wish I could put up a diagram to show you what I'm talking about but like it wouldn't be centered with the space but more off to the side, maybe with more than one actual port so two EV cars can use one?

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