Nissan To Sell All-Electric Seven-Seat Minivan In Europe

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Nissan's electric-powered e-NV200 concept.

Nissan's electric-powered e-NV200 concept.

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Except for the 2012 Tesla Model S, there are no seven-seat all-electric vehicles for sale on the market today. 

Earlier this week, however, Nissan confirmed that it plans to sell a seven-seat minivan variant of the e-NV200 all-electric van in Europe when it enters production next year. 

Based on the e-NV200 concept van we saw at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and the electric courier van due to be tested by FedEx in the U.S., the seven-seat minivan variant will drop the e-NV200 name in favor of something more family-friendly: the Nissan Evalia Electric.

Just like the other e-NV200 models, including the all-electric New York taxi cab concept, the Nissan Evalia Electric will be powered by the same motor and drivetrain found in the 2012 Nissan Leaf.

Nissan's electric-powered e-NV200 concept.

Nissan's electric-powered e-NV200 concept.

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There’s no official word on range yet, but with the same rapid charging feature as the Leaf, Nissan has said all e-NV200 variants will charge to 80 percent full in under 30 minutes at a compatible Chademo charging station.

It’s also worth noting that Nissan has said that its commercial e-NV200, designed for small businesses and contractors, will include on-board power outlets capable of providing 6 kilowatts of instantaneous power from the on-board battery pack, although it hasn't said if this feature will make it to the minivan version.

In other words, the e-NV200 could use its on-board lithium-ion battery pack as a mobile power station to run power tools and other electrical equipment. Alternatively, it could theoretically operate as emergency backup power in an emergency.

At the moment Nissan has not confirmed if the all-electric Evalia will make it to the U.S., although it is worth noting that both the New York taxi and e-NV200 commercial vehicles are both due to enter testing in the U.S. next year.

Would you want to buy a 7-seat electric minivan? How much would you pay? And do you think Nissan will bring this particular electric vehicle to the U.S.?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.


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Comments (8)
  1. I hope so! I have a family of 5 (6 with the mother in law) so the leaf is at capacity... Ummm... now that I think about it 5 seat ain't bad...
    All kidding aside which three kids I do a lot of driving on the weekends to different events and games so I would like to have the battery capacity to increase to 150 miles per charge... this weekend I managed to put on 140 miles in two days and the older the kids get the more driving I will do. So unless Nissan picks up the range I would have to go Model X with 60 Kw (and hopefully a leasing option for it so I don't go broke!)

  2. I need 7 as well. What worries me is the same drivetrain as in the LEAF. They should have at least added another 50% capacity but that would obviously raise the price to the budget Tesla territory.

  3. About the design... [sigh].

  4. Get used to it...NYC is going to have almost nothing but that shape for taxis in a few years...probably not in aqua though.

    For a minivan, it's fine.

  5. "Nissan Evalia Electric will be powered by the same motor and drivetrain found in the 2012 Nissan Leaf."

    So, they are making a larger car with additional weight and same powertrain as the Leaf?

    No wonder it is only for sale in EU. It won't work in the US. Leaf is already "mild" in performance as it is. Putting its powertrain in a minivan with 7 people and additional weight for the minvian, it will be as slow as a "short bus"...

    It won't work in the US for the typical Minivan market. Nissan is finally "smart enough" NOT to bring it to the US.

  6. I would help market this for Nissan, but we are a small family who do not need a minivan. We have a Leaf and we love it! It has taken over about 90% of our family's driving. We vie with each other to use the Leaf. It is a wonderful performance vehicle.

  7. i think its a great idea and should be coming here to the US. even with the larger vehicle, i think the power output would be just fine. now, put in a larger pack with those higher efficiency cells Ghosen mentioned earlier in the month and there are a lot of business applications for this

  8. I very much doubt Nissan would power this minivan w/ the old 2012 drivetrain in the US if the leaf is getting a bump in performance and/or range for the 2013 MY.

    This would be a great vehicle for the US as long as it had enough pep(0 - 60 under 10 sec unloaded) and had a range of about 100 miles. A few battery n performance tweeks, improvements should be able to do that for a US market 2014 Nissan minivan EV.

    Why aren't EVs used by the freaking US Postal Service? Most of their neighborhood deliveries are short routes perfect for EVs!

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