Triac Three-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle For Sale On eBay

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Green Vehicles Triac electric car

Green Vehicles Triac electric car

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Some curious vehicles have emerged on the electric vehicle market over the years, and few have been more curious than the Triac.

We first wrote about the Triac three-wheel electric vehicle back in 2010. Made by Green Vehicles of Salinas, California, it touted a 100-mile range, an 80 mph top speed, and a price tag of $25,000.

Sadly, like many electric startups, Green Vehicles subsequently folded, and was sued by the city of Salinas, which invested in the carmaker before its bankruptcy.

While the company may have gone, some of the vehicles survived, and are now selling on eBay.

The seller has five of the oddly-shaped three-wheelers--now known as the less catchy E-Runner Y-Cycle--left in stock, and all are selling for a much more reasonable $13,700--not far off half of the original suggested price.

The front-wheel drive vehicle can apparently reach a top speed of 70 mph, and now claims a range of 110 miles from its lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are also available, which knock the top speed up to 83 mph.

Styling is unchanged from the original Triac, which means a fairly bland front end, swoopy side profile and raised rear, looking a little like a low-budget Aptera 2e.

The interior doesn't look particularly inviting either, but beggars can't be choosers with a brand new, inexpensive electric car.

One of the cars has already sold, and at that price the others could follow quickly. Would it tempt you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Hat tip to John C. Briggs for spotting the cars.


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Comments (4)
  1. Before they folded, they did manage to ship at least one pre-production unit to Randy Bopp. His blog is below.

    I have always loved the Triac and was sad that it didn't survive. Of course, we now have "real" EVs for purchase.

  2. Hmm, less than 12 horsepower. No regenerative braking.

    Anyone know if it qualifies for a part of the federal tax deduction? The Ebay listing does not mention battery capacity, that is one of the fed requirements.

    But Lead Acid batteries? Come on! You think the Leaf has battery problems? Probably exaggerated for the Leaf, but I bet you would be lucky to get three years out of lead acid if you were extremely careful.

  3. Cute car, but not sure about the rear end. I wonder why they went for a front wheel drive, when they could have gone for a rear (one) wheel drive - that would have simplified engineering and production as there would have been no need for a differential and many other parts.

  4. anyone verify these numbers here? 110 miles of range on lead acid? Li should give them a great boost. the $13,000 price sounds good but lead acid is a joke for EVs and not worth the trouble. also, if advertised to do 110, then that means long life range (which is 3-4 years max for lead) is probably half that

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