2014 Ford Mustang To Offer EcoBoost 2.0-Liter Four For Fuel Economy

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2011 Ford Evos Concept

2011 Ford Evos Concept

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People are expecting more and more from their performance cars these days, and that includes improved fuel efficiency.

That's why, even with traditionally V-8 pony cars like the Ford Mustang, the next model will include a more efficient, four-cylinder variant.

As well as more contemporary styling, influenced by last year's Evos Concept (shown in the image above), a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine was confirmed earlier this year by Ford product chief Derrick Kuzak.

Not that the four-pot Ford will be a poor relation of other Mustangs, unlike the 2.3-liter inline-four offered in the Mustang II of the 1970s.

In the 2012 Ford Focus ST, the 2.0 EcoBoost develops 250-horsepower, but still returns a respectable 32 mpg highway. In a Mustang, that would be a useful improvement over the current 29 highway, 22 combined of the V-6.

Automotive News reports that the next generation Mustang is likely to arrive in Spring 2014.

In the meantime, the exciting new 1.0-liter EcoBoost engines already available in the European-spec Focus are likely to hit U.S. shores, first arriving next year in the re-styled 2014 Fiesta.

The Fusion too will gain new EcoBoost engines, though for parsimonious buyers the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid will be top of the list, particularly given the high MPG figures touted of the C-Max Energi.

There will always be customers who want a V-8 Mustang, but the good news for those concerned with gas mileage is that there will soon be an option for green-minded buyers, too. Just don't expect a Mustang Energi any time soon...


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Comments (14)
  1. and an ecoboost or diesel f150 raptor?

  2. For buyers who want a V8 Mustang, there will be plenty of options - On the Used Car Lot.

  3. Who are you trying to kid? Dude, this is a Mustang, the very definition of high power to weight ratio. Only girls will buy the 4 cyl., just like in the 60s when they bought the I6. Wake up! U can be green and have LOTS of HP & torque. The planet can deliver some entertainment and survive a few more muscle cars for those who want them. Get out from under that rock you live under and enjoy it, until they're gone forever, thanks to u tree huggers!

  4. Kitch you are incorrect in your assumptions about the next Mustang and world view of those of us, nearly everyone that comments on this site, that are always looking forward to better fuel efficiency in all vehicles.

    A. First lets correct your sales forecast for the next Mustang.
    1) Apparently you did not read or comprehend the article regarding the 2.0L Ecoboost motor in the current Focus ST: 250 hp and torque at 270. That torque is only 10lbs behind the current base Mustang v6.
    2) Current 'stang is big n heavy up front topping the scales at 3631 lbs. New 'stang is a completely different chasis n likely to be near 3K pounds.
    3) New 'stang will have a much lower drag.

    Result: new 4 cyl 'stang will perform better then current base mdl.

  5. Where's the powerband going to be on this thing though? Peak HP & tourque at 8,000rpm's? I love my Mustang's, but unless they're gonna fly what's the point? HP numbers can be deceiving until they're transfered to the street, I do like the weight drop though.I'll keep an open mind and wait for some 0-60 & 1/4 mile times. Waiting for a great mix of economy, power, and affordability, hopefully they find it.

  6. Torque baby torque...270 for the current 4cyl ecoboost. Ford might tweek it up to 300 by the time the new mustang is introduced.

  7. After you get tired of laughing at the Mustang II of the 1970's, please take note that when the oil prices spiked in the early 70's, the new "little gem" was a great seller. GM kept on with their Camaro and Firebirds because they didn't want to admit defeat. When gas pricing relaxed a few years later, the Mustang II was made fun of, but Ford sold a great many of them in comparison.

  8. I certainly don't wish to disparage its sales success in a difficult market, but it's still fair to say it wasn't one of the great Mustangs...

  9. I suspect there are a number of people who buy Mustangs because they are a great looking car. Some of these people would not care what was under the hood so sticking an EcoBoost 2L would be more than enough power and torque. I think Ford should also try an Electric only option using a power train from companies like evengineering.com.au who have developed drive trains for cars in that segment. The power and torque from these power trains is very comparable to gas motors.

  10. Even after buying my hybrid I held on to my V-8 Mustang Cobra for pure joy. I was curious when I first saw this eco boost 4 cyl.option, but 3mpg gain and a 50 hp loss (not to mention torque)compared to the current V-6 just doesn't seem worth it.

  11. You are mistaken Keith. Read my reply above for starters.

    2013 v6 Mustang: 305hp n 280lbs torque moving a 3,500lb car

    2015 4cyl ecoboost 'stang: 250+hp n 270+lbs torque moving a likely 3K pound car or less. With a lower drag coeff, sitting lower to the ground, and better transmission the new 4 banger 'stang should beat the current v6 stang in every performance test.

    Don't know what orifice of yours you pulled that only 3 mpg gain from but it's more likely to be at least combined 5mpg better.

    I'm still amazed by folks like you n Myles above that immediately crap on a car you haven't even seen nor driven yet. Do the simple math I've stated above n any logical person can see that the new 4cyl 'stang will kick butt.

  12. I think Keith might have taken the 3mpg figure from the figures I quoted for the Focus ST with the same engine. The Focus gets 32mpg highway, the current V6 'Stang gets 29.

  13. I am excited with the new "global" look for Mustang. For me, it was about time Mustang moved on from the "retro" look. Fuel efficiency is the most sought after feature in vehicles today. With force induction and electronic ignition there is practically no upper bound to power. However, heat power and fuel consumption are antagonistic terms i.e. you should not expect 50mpg on a vehicle whose heat engine is delivering 300hp on a road, unless a part of those 300hp is produced by other means namely electric.

  14. So will it still have that rumble sound to it. When I think of Mustang I think V8. I guess I will have to wait and see. But I also feel it should be a option. Because what if I don't want the 4 banger? Again I guess wait and see.

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