2013: Smart ForTwo Iceshine Brings Exclusivity To Niche Market

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How do you make a niche market car with low sales figures more attractive to buyers? 

By releasing a limited-edition, of course. 

Enter Smart, Mercedes-Benz’s microcar devision, and its plans to follow its summer-themed Smart ForTwo Sharpred Special Edition with  a winter-themed special edition. 

Called the Smart ForTwo Iceshine Special Edition, Smart USA (via Insideline) says the car will go on sale some time towards the end of Fall, with just 300 examples available to U.S. buyers. 

Admittedly then, the Smart ForTwo Iceshine Special Edition ticks the exclusivity box. In fact, there’s only 1,800 examples being built worldwide. 

With all-white body and white alloy wheels, Smart will offer a coupe and cabriolet version, plus extras including black leather seats with white cross-stitching, LED daytime running lamps, power steering and heated seats. 

There’s no word on price yet, but expect to pay a premium over the $14,890 2013 ForTwo Passion coupe and $17,890 cabriolet prices. 

While the fun little Smart is certainly stylish and different to everything else on the road today, we’re not sure the Smart’s themed special editions will do anything to increase the market share of the 36 mpg combined microcar. 

That’s because two-seat cars represent a tiny proportion of total U.S. car sales, special edition or otherwise. 

Traditionally, special edition cars are designed to create desirability and exclusivity with a brand. But does it work when the brand is a niche-market city car? 

Let us know in the comments below.


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Comments (2)
  1. What's the motor? Electric or Gas?

  2. From the very beginning the Smart "was" a special edition car compared to the norm. It could be customised with changeable panels and interior bits or graphics and was like no other car before or since. I don't this offering of a special edition will accomplish anything other than a "few" extra sales. Having owned two Smarts and now an IQ I feel what they really need to do is refine it. This would be in the steering and ride dept.,improve the economy and offer a cvt automatic.The Smart steering ratio is abysmal,its slow and heavy whereas the IQ has quick light steering making the car feel more responsive which is what a small city car should be like, and its getting better mpg.I still love the Smart though and will have another,a cabrio.

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