2013 Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert System: Helpful, Or Annoying?

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of driver-friendly technology being added to cars to make them easier to use. 

Normally, that includes things like iPod connectivity, satellite navigation and bluetooth hands free, but the 2013 Nissan Altima -- along with all of Nissan's other 2013 model cars -- will come with smart technology designed to help ensure you inflate your tires to the correct pressure. 

Called the Easy-Fill Tire Alert System, the technology is based on the tire pressure warning sensors found in most modern cars and will be fitted to every 2013 Nissan car as standard.

Instead of just warning you via an on-screen dash warning when your car’s tires are low however, it also gives audible and visual indication to the driver when they stop to pump them up. 

Start inflating the under-pressure tire, and the car will flash its hazard blinkers. 

When the correct tire pressure is reached, the car will let you know with a single, short, beep from its horn, similar to the one you hear when locking most modern cars. 

Nissan Altima Tire Pressure Assistant

Nissan Altima Tire Pressure Assistant

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Overfill the tire, and the car will protest by flashing its blinkers faster and sounding the horn three times, hopefully eliminating both under-and over-inflation.

Nissan claims that many car drivers don’t own or even known how to use a tire gauge, while the gauges found on public gas-station tire compressors give such wide and varied readings that it becomes impossible to inflate tires to the correct pressures reliably. 

Under inflated tires can not only prematurely wear your car’s tires and lead to unpredictable handling, but they can also dramatically reduce your car’s gas mileage. 

But we can’t make our minds up. Is the Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert System a great idea, or is it overkill to provide a technological solution for something that every single driver should know how to do?

Worse still, will it annoy neighbors and fellow gas station users if your brand new Nissan chirps at you every time you fill up your tires? 

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below. 


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Comments (8)
  1. Great idea, tire fill ups are not a regular activity for most, and generally done at the gas station. Don't see any issue with noise etc.

  2. Having filled up tires at night, this might be some great feedback.

  3. Dear Moderator, I am allowed to make blonde jokes here?

  4. The Volt gives you constant individual tire pressure numerically in the dash...that's the best way to do it...


  5. This would be ideal if it could use audio tones / synthesized speech at lower / adjustable loudness. No harm having indicators on the dash too.

  6. If you are too lazy to learn how to maintain your car you should not be driving. TPMS are over kill and this new technology is even more over kill. Tire gauges are not rocket science.

  7. This is a safety, efficiency, AND convenience feature that will likely be standard in most cars by decade's end. Most drivers do not check their tire pressure on a frequent basis like you, me, and other "good" drivers for whatever reason. So, that becomes a safety issue cause low tire pressure is obviously a safety hazard for most vehicles. And mileage is hindered too. This convenience feature, I think, will be welcomed by folks like you, who know how to maintain a vehicle, as well as the many other knucklehead drivers out there that don't know how. Knowing exactly which tire(s) need air without checking n when to stop filling to manufactured recs will save all of us time. Chk torque report for other posts like yours on this subject.

  8. Hi guys,

    Good comments, I think this can only be a good thing. Tyre pressure is something not many people, including myself take notice of. The flashing indicators might get annoying but type pressure isn't something that becomes an issue every week....


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