Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar Gets Track Time: Video

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We're allowing ourselves to get a little excited over the Rimac Concept_One, a 1,088-horsepower electric supercar from Croatia.

Okay, so with a price tag only just on the right side of $1 million and only 88 ever set to hit the road, it's not a realistic proposition for many, but like the Tesla Roadster or Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell, it's living, breathing proof that electric cars can be more than just appliances for those who don't really like cars.

That's why it's great to see Rimac's video of a Concept_One squealing its way around a track--burning rubber, going sideways, and doing things that get people excited about gasoline-powered supercars.

It also reassures us that the car is much more than a static display to be wheeled out at auto shows, never to touch a public highway.

You get to see the sleek styling in action, and witness the tire-shredding abilities of huge electric-powered torque--enough for a sub-3 second 0-62 mph time.

You can read more details about the Rimac Concept_One here, but in the meantime, click play on the video above to enjoy the sights and sounds of a zero-emission supercar.


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Comments (8)
  1. Excellent to see it in motion. But from the video, I am afraid they lost their underscore.

  2. I noticed that too, but the car is still known as the Concept_One on their website, so I kept with it!

  3. Wow! Did they just out-Tesla Tesla?

    Over to you Silicon Valley...

  4. Tesla could sell lots of Model S sport sedans by running it on the test track and out doing the BMW's and Mercedes in handling and aceleration and then factoring in that it only cost about $8 dollars of electricity to go 300 miles and they will sell real well.

  5. Another benefit for EVs is cars like this stop skeptics dead in their tracks, they just can't hate a beautiful fast car. Most of the time people are stuck looking at little electric Eco-boxes, wich gives them little to look forward to. Rimac and Tesla both are giving us electric cars that are exciting and create a desire for electrics, they make you want a revolutionary electric drivetrain rather then the same old car and the trips to the pump.

  6. Exactly Aptera anyone? Or what about the Th!nk or The Renault Twizzy. I like the Ford Fusion electric and the Tesla Model S is awesome. Lets have electric cars that are even better than the ICE cars and people will buy them. I will settle for nothing less than a real nice practical and stylish Ev. I hate clown cars and glorified electric golf carts since they only reinforce the precieved stereotype that an EV is less of a car than a gasoline vehicle

  7. I'd love a Twizzy - it's looks like a hoot to drive. A bit like scooters; top fun until your mates see you.

  8. The Twizy really is a lot of fun Michael, if you ever get a chance to drive one, jump at it. The term "handles like a go-kart" is hugely over-used in the motoring press but the Twizy really does.

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