California Extends Deadline On Honda Civic Hybrid Gas Mileage Case

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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

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When it comes to gas mileage figures, we're always told "your mileage may vary".

It's when that mileage varies outside of reasonable expectations that people start to take issue, and that's exactly what happened when 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid owner Heather Peters was unable to match Honda's 50 mpg claims for the car.

Peters won the resulting small claims lawsuit, but now the LA Times reports that California and four other states have won more time to decide whether they'll object to a proposed class-action settlement on the matter.

Honda had to pay almost $10,000 in damages to Peters earlier this month after the Torrance Small Claims Court ruled in favor of the Civic owner's case. Honda is planning to appeal the ruling.

Peters objects to a class-action settlement, because it pays so little to the owners - as little as $200 - while the attorneys involved profit massively, up to $8.5 million.

Iowa, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington have also been granted more time to decide how to handle the proposal, to which they have until February 29 to object. The court will decide whether to accept the settlement on March 16.

If the class-action lawsuit doesn't go ahead, Honda could instead stand to lose millions from individual small claims cases similar to that launched by Heather Peters.

Do you find yourself struggling to match the EPA's gas mileage figures for your own vehicle? Why not check out our tips for improving you mileage? You don't even need to use hypermiling techniques - simply knowing your car better is a good way of making the most from every drop of gas.


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  1. The IMA System (Integrated Motor Assist) employed by Honda in their Hybrids is a waste of money to consumers. This is a mild-hybrid design that still wastes energy on the transaxle in the form of heat in the torque converter. Also its gas engine is almost 'Always-ON' not like competitors hybrid design. Customers who pay premium on hybrids deserve a more efficient 'full-hybrid' system like Toyota/Ford's HSD.

  2. Rick,
    The Honda Civic Hybrid does not have a torque converter.It uses a mechanical CVT that uses pulleys. I have a 06 and have the exact same problems that the woman on the case has. She even posted some of my videos.
    Imagine this: You bought a car with a Turbo. The turbo should give you a 20 hp boost, and reduce your fuel usage. A year after the purchase, the turbo starts to not deliver the expected 20 hp, and in turn, it puts more gas to compensate. Then Honda decides that their turbos are not going to last through their warranties and releases a software update to use them even less, and not to display a warning light due to lack of boost. My average after 6y and 60.000 miles is 31MPG. Also have a 06 Escape Hybrid AWD, get 32MPG on it.

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