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In addition to the third row, Tesla points out that there’s plenty of luggage space even with people in all three rows—both behind the third row, and in a deep front trunk.

Inside, there’s the same beautiful, 17-inch touch-screen system that’s in the Model S. While we still haven’t put that system through the paces, it’s far and wide the best-looking, with the best display quality of any vehicle.

All-electric all-wheel drive

The Model X shares its platform with the Model S, with the battery stored flat just under the floor, but it differs in that there’s a dual motor system—enabling all-wheel drive, without the fuss of mechanical linkages connecting the front and rear axles. Tesla says that its so-called Dual Electric Motor All Wheel Drive will help improve all-weather traction without any sacrifice in efficiency or acceleration.

There’s no word yet on efficiency or driving range, but buyers will have a choice between 60 or 85 kWh batteries in the Model X. No word on pricing, either, but Musk has said that this new model will, as an all-electric luxury crossover, take on gasoline models like the Audi A7 in their own price class—so likely, in the vicinity of the Model S, or a bit more expensive.

Production of the Model X is set to begin in late 2013, with the first deliveries in early 2014.

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Comments (7)
  1. There is a video if you are interested.

  2. So...it's the same basic model as the Model S except a few inches added vertically...Not sure I like the new proportions. Opening the rear doors in the rain or a parking/ garage with low ceiling seems no picnic either. It does seem to be immensely spacious though, but so is the Model S and that is lighter so has better range. I wouldn't wait for this.

  3. Thanks for providing real photos of the Model X, it looked a little odd in the pics provided by Tesla. I'm not really sure about it yet, I'm going to have to see more of it before I render a final verdict, but at least I now know that I'm more interested in buying the Model S.

  4. Ok, I'm back already, after looking at more live shots and a few videos I'm very impressed with Model X. It's actually more SUV looking then I first thought, and the storage capacity is massive. I'm not sure about the falcon doors, like the door handles on the Model S I don't think they should make something simple into something complicated that could fail and refuse to open. Still if I were looking at both the Model S and Model X I'd buy the S, the Model S is versatile like a wagon or SUV but on the outside its a super sexy sports sedan. As for the Model X I'd have to say good work Tesla you've given the auto industry another reason to breakout in a cold sweat.

  5. So the engineering question to solve was: How do we provide access to the rear seats in tight spaces? The answer: Gull wing doors.
    This car will appeal to the those families who want to move the children and their stuff, perhaps a family pet and all the other stuff on visits to Grandmom's house, etc. It's really an electric stuff mover...albeit, rather expensive.

  6. Pretty awesome. But that booger green lighting isn't doing it any favors.

  7. ok

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