Want To See Revenge Of The Electric Car Free? Go To Hulu, Now!

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'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

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Last week we told you that the 2011 sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car? -- Revenge Of The Electric Car -- had finally been released on DVD

At the time, we pointed out that the film would also be available on select cable TV on-demand services, but neglected to point out that it was also available for a limited period online, courtesy of over-the-top Internet streaming service Hulu. 

As part of a one-week exclusive deal between the film’s production company and Hulu, anyone in the U.S. with a broadband Internet connection can watch the film for free by visiting the Hulu website before February 3, 2012.

The only catch? Like watching a film on broadcast TV, you’ll have to put up with the occasional commercial break. 

'Revenge of the Electric Car' premiere: post-screening panel discussion

'Revenge of the Electric Car' premiere: post-screening panel discussion

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Sadly, Hulu’s one-week showing of Revenge Of The Electric Car ends in a few days, but if you’re quick you should still be able to watch it for free

If you live outside the U.S. however, you won’t be able to watch: Hulu only delivers content to computers located within the U.S., so unless you’re a networking genius who likes to play with IP tunneling, you’ll be out of luck. 

For those outside of the U.S., there’s no word yet on when Revenge Of The Electric Car will become officially available, but if you’ve got a region-free DVD player, you should be able to get a U.S. copy of the film shipped to you from one of the its approved stockists in the U.S. 


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Comments (3)
  1. I watched it yesterday. It is an excellent video. I hope Carlos Ghosn succeeds, as he (and the US government) has made the biggest "bets" on plug-in vehicles (even more than Tesla and Fisker).

  2. Not as exiting as part one since there is no real bad guy anymore. GM has the Volt now and it's hard not to like Bob Lutz, who was in fact the most sympathetic character in the movie by far IMHO.

    Wonder about the title though, what revenge? The movie just showed the struggle by various parties to bring EVs to the market, but it's still too early to be talking about happy endings. If the likes of Fox and the GOP have anything to do with it there isn't going to be one it seems. In fact there is so much anti plug-in FUD going on that I wonder if the title shouldn't have been: Car Wars episode 2: Big Oil Strikes Back.

  3. I thought the same thing, after watching it I thought it should have been called Rebirth of the Electric Car or Resurrection of the Electric car. Your right, where was the revenge?

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