2012 Tesla Model S Electric Sedan: New Teaser Video

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Teaser videos are many things - enlightening, inspiring, exciting... but perhaps most of all, frustrating.

Being drip-fed portions of one of 2012's most exciting upcoming cars, the 2012 Tesla Model S, just makes us want to drive it even more. And, like everyone else, we just have to wait, and be patient.

Tesla's latest video for the Model S doesn't tell us anything in particular we don't already know about the performance electric sedan, but it does tell us a little more about Tesla's targets for the vehicle.

Model S chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, is certainly fairly clear about his own intentions for the car.

"The Model S is going to be the best sedan on the planet," he explains.

That's Tesla's target - the company doesn't just want to produce the best electric car on the road, but the best car in its class, period. One that just so happens to be powered by electricity, rather than gasoline.

You can watch the video above for more of Tesla's intentions. What we already know, is that prices will start from $57,400 for the base, 160 mile range version (with no fast-charge option), and rise to potentially over $100,000 for a fully-specified Model S Performance.

The first cars will reach customers during the summer. The Model S will also eventually be joined by the Tesla Model X crossover, due to be unveiled live on February 9.


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  1. You can certainly tell that Tesla is evolving as a company. Although slow they are moving away from being referred to as a startup.

  2. This was always the plan as laid out by Elon in a 2006 blog post; tough economic times and technical problems with the 1st Roadster delayed it by a couple years

  3. Actually, there is something new here : Holzhausen claiming this as the best sedan, period. He's right. At less than half the development cost of the humble and unimpressive Volt, whose developers made preposterous claims about being a "leap into the future," the Model S shows that it is the true way forward. Amazing that only newly formed automaker Tesla was able to figure out that to be desirable a car must do more than simply play to the obvious desire of everyone to avoid oil as a fuel, whatever the reason. Musk also is the only one in the business who understands that battery cost reduction is a necessity for mass marketing EVs, which Tesla will do as and when those costs allow.

  4. One reason for wanting to see the Model S on the road is to see just how many miles the hypermilers can squeeze out of the 320 mile battery pack. As I recall, some Aussies managed over 340 miles on the supposed 240 mile ranged Tesla roadster (drove at 25 MPH, I believe). Sounds like 400 miles is a cinch and we might even see something approaching a 500 mile run.

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