Electric Car Charging: Coming To Central Parking Garage Near You

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Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint

Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint

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Central Parking, a nationwide parking garage company responsible for 1.1 million parking spots -- and its Tennessee-based subsidiary USA Parking Systems --  will soon host electric car charging facilities at 2,220 of its parking garages. 

Under an agreement signed earlier this week, the Car Charging Group will install Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint charging stations at locations throughout the U.S. In exchange, Central Parking will be eligible to purchase up to five percent of the Car Charging Group. 

With Central Parking’s garages in a variety of places from airports through to hospitals, office complexes, stadiums and municipalities, the charging stations should help encourage more people to make the switch from gasoline to electric. 

Unlike some charging stations, the funding for the charging stations themselves come from the company installing the charging stations and not the garage owner. In this way, the charging infrastructure provider assumes responsibility for the upkeep of the charging stations while the garage owner gains the extra business of electric car owners. 

We’re not sure if Central Parking is responsible for the upkeep of any Ikea parking garages, but if not we’d recommend it considers striking up a partnership with the Swedish furniture company: A study earlier this week revealed that the most regularly frequented electric car charging station in the whole of London, England  was at an Ikea store


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  1. I foresee problems with these chargers. Especially in instances where the owner plugs in and then leaves the car parked for far longer than needed for the charging. Unless, the car is the only one needing charging (which makes the idea of paying for itself doubtful) or the attendant can switch the charger to another EV.
    I'll be interested to see how this all gets handled. The big unavoidable problem is that EVs will have quick charging capabilities in the future, at which time many of these 120/240V public chargers will be rendered more or less obsolete. I don't see how a charger can ever make money off a Chevy Volt, unless it charges a dollar or more per kWhr, making it more expensive to
    use electricity from the grid than gasoline.

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