Tesla Releases Trio Test-Track Fun Model S Teaser Video

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Tesla Model S Alpha build cars testing on track

Tesla Model S Alpha build cars testing on track

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If Tesla’s Model S all-electric seven-seat sedan were in high school, it would be the kind of girl every heterosexual boy would lust after and every teenage girl would want to be. 

At least, that’s certainly the line being taken by Tesla in its latest teasing track-test video, in which not one but three of its Model S Alpha-build cars streak around an undisclosed banked test track. 

Sexy, fast and highly desirable, the three test cars zipping past with little more than tire noise and a high-pitched whine certainly give the brand a desirability it is very hard to capture in anything but real life. 

And yet the video does. 

There’s really nothing new in the 43-second video, but seeing three test cars in the same place tells us Tesla is working flat-out with to finalize a production intent vehicle in order to meet the Model S’ proposed 2012 launch date. 

Combine it with the lack of camouflage and laid-back attitude to spy photographers at the track where the cars were being tested, and we have to agree with our own Nelson Ireson: Tesla needs us to keep talking about the Model S. After all, with production of its iconic Roadster already ended and unsold stock running out fast, Tesla won’t have another car to sell until the Model S launches. 

2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

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There is one final thing we notice though. 

Thanks to the wide-angle low-slung shots used in the video, and the all-black gloss paintwork, bright lights and high-pitched futuristic whir as it went past we think the Model S is now officially a cross between Dr Emmet Brown’s Time Machine and KITT, the autonomous crime-fighting automotive sidekick of David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. 

Sadly, we don’t think the 2012 Tesla Model S will feature either a flux capacitor or a super-smart --if somewhat annoying-- artificial intelligence. 

Tesla Model S Sneak Peek: Alpha Drives from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.


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Comments (14)
  1. After driving my LEAF for 3 months, it is exciting to see the Tesla Model S in action!

  2. You should keep your sexual bigotry out of your articles. You are aware that there is also gay people, and transgender people, in this world who likes Telsa's Model S? Most people don't care about your bigotry, but you should really try to leave it out of your articles.

  3. Hmm... 1st comment ever on this site, and you're trolling up the wrong tree.

  4. Yes.... completely

  5. Huh???

  6. It's great to see Tesla at work, I can't wait to see the production version. I'm considering a Model S for my next car and these pictures are getting me exciting.

  7. Excuse me I meant excited. This posting system should offer the ability to edit comments.

  8. "it would be the kind of girl every heterosexual boy would lust after and every"
    You left out the "non-retardate", "non-visually impaired," "sexually non-dysfunctional" qualifications. Shame on you.

  9. Of the roughly 50 percent of our editorial staff that likes to hug people of the same gender, no one had a problem with this quaint metaphor. I would add there are lots of girls who would like to hug the Tesla Model S, but that seems obvious.

  10. As someone who likes to hug people of the same gender, AND a girl who likes to hug the Tesla Model S, I concur.

  11. "an undisclosed banked test track"
    The test track is clearly the one at the Tesla Factory in Fremont (formerly NUMMI).

  12. Thanks Doug. Having never visited the former NUMMI factory, I wasn't sure!

  13. Too Bad Top Gear can't do a real show for a real ride. Oh thats right its not a normal car show them not doing normal car stuff you get it abnormal show. Maybe they should go back to what every they used to do. Never really like the show anyway.

  14. The Tesla designers really do a beautiful job, I hope the S is a big win for them (and us). I actually saw this truck and trailer as I came back through LA on Thursday - but I had no idea what was inside, rats...

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