2012 Tesla Model S: More Factory Photos Released (Gallery)

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It seems that people just can't get enough of the 2012 Tesla Model S, the all-electric luxury sports sedan that SIlicon Valley startup Tesla Motors says it will put on sale in little more than a year from now.

The factory has now released a whole set of new images, showing slight tweaks to the styling and a prototype finished in glossy black.

Feast your eyes on our photo gallery, above.

2012 Tesla Model S body-in-white

2012 Tesla Model S body-in-white

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According to the factory, the 2012 Tesla Model S will be offered with three different options for its lithium-ion battery pack.

They range from the base Model S, costing $57,400, with a range of 160 miles, up to a price close to $100,000 for a Model S said to be capable of  up to 300 miles per charge.

Tesla said in March that testing of its "alpha" prototypes was on track, and the company hasn't deviated from that line since.

In January, Tesla released video of an operating Model S prototype, which we've embedded below so you can see the car in action.

[Tesla Motors]


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Comments (7)
  1. Go Tesla Go. Every time I see this car I think, this is was the Panamera should have looked like.

  2. It's one beautiful car isn't it. Even dedicated gear heads who hate EVs are leaving comments on other sites saying how much they love the Model S and if all EVs looked like this they'd buy one in an instant. That to me is one of Tesla's biggest contributions, their designs and performance are attracting new people to EVs. If all goes well the Model S's impact incredible.

  3. Impact will be incredible.....oops

  4. @ John B and CDspeed. Exactly. Looks a bit like a VW CC, which is good in my book. A sharp design like this will help the naysayers. Still need to get pricing reduced further, but that's another topic... Hint to other OEMs, poach a Tesla designer or two...

  5. Telsa is one of the best electric car builders in America and our federal government is not helping them one bit to stay that way. Why isn't our government giving Telsa billions of dollars like they did GM (Government Motors) who gave us that crappy Volt and a bucket full of lies?

  6. Actually, Tesla was granted $365 million in DoE low-interest loans two years ago:

  7. My Nissan Leaf is great, but my next car will be the 300 miles per charge version of the Tesla S. I can't wait to see what will happen if they can become successful enough to lower the price of this version just a bit. Let's support this American manufacturer that gets it right.

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