Exclusive: Top Gear's Spoof Electric-Car Episode Leaked (Video)

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Top Gear, Filming in Lincoln, England with 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Peugeot iOn. Reproduced with permission, The Lincolnite

Top Gear, Filming in Lincoln, England with 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Peugeot iOn. Reproduced with permission, The Lincolnite

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It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that the team behind BBC’s Top Gear really don’t like electric cars. Everything from the humble G-Wiz through to the mighty Tesla Roadster and the fresh-faced Nissan Leaf have fallen foul of their comical but factually inept portrayal of electric cars. 

But the latest video Top Gear video, exclusively leaked on Internet video site Youtube shows just what happened when its presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May were let loose in London in two electric cars boxes.  

Cue flattened batteries, a quest to charge in and the usual Top Gear antics which we’re sure any electric car or Top Gear fan will love - especially if they’re familiar with the antics of London Mayor Boris Johnson

Spoof Top Gear Electric Car Episode Leaked

Spoof Top Gear Electric Car Episode Leaked

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Okay, all right. it’s time to come clean.

The leaked video is actually a very funny spoof by a group of friends from London, England who decided to immortalize their version of what could have happened when Clarkson and May were spotted finding somewhere to charge a 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Peugeot iOn in Lincoln, UK last month

And we have to give the team credit. It’s got everything from the usual Top Gear witty banter through to  James May’s long-suffering exasperation and Jeremy Clarkson’s skintight denim pants and rotund belly. 

We’re not sure if the real Top Gear team will let the spoof stay online for very long, but it’s certainly worth a look. 

Thanks to AllCarsElectric reader Jenny for the tip! 



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Comments (7)
  1. LOL - this is great!

  2. Oh, come on. The Top Gear team doesn't like EV's? Now why would that be?
    Shell Inks Top Gear Sponsorship Deal

  3. Yes, we sponsor TopGear, but believe me when I say we have no influence in their messaging. If the show's producers choose to reveal the undeniable truth that EVs are not a viable option to the much more reliable gas-powered cars, then that is solely their choice, not Shell's in any way.

  4. Excuse me? ''Undeniable truth that EVs are not a viable option to much more reliable gas-powered cars..'' Who the hell are you?! Evs are way better, we all know that oil companies want money, the raising petrol prices cause consumers to buy alternatives like EVs which don't use your product. You use mass-broadcasting to brainwash viewers (eg) TopGear. Especially the review of the Honda FCX clarity that uses hydrogen from Shell. You even sued California to take off it's electric car mandate. I don't just hate you about your back stabbing ways on electric cars like other oil companies but I want to ask you. STAY OUT OF IRELAND YOU ARE RUINING A PRECIOUS ECO SYSTEM THE CORRIB GAS FIELD IS TOO DEEP LIKE THE MEXICAN GULF. No more oil dependance!

  5. @ "Shellexec",
    Ummmm, .....no. I don't believe you.
    I'll stick with "watch what they do, not what they say". When the money changes hands, that's a 'do' kind of thing.
    Also, I've been watching the Leaf's reliability. So far it's looking pretty good. I expect well designed BEV's to trounce ICE cars in the reliability column --probably to the point where electric cars will earn a reputation as being 'boring'.

  6. I don't think that ShellExec fully understands what 'undeniable truth' actually means. So here's an example for him to ponder on: During the 7 magical weeks that I've had my LEAF here in the UK, I've saved about £132 in fuel costs alone, emphasising how much cheaper it is to run - now THAT'S what I call an undeniable truth - the sort that he's probably scared to hear!!

  7. Top Gear ... the same program that their former Stig now race electric cars...?

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