Ford Steps Closer to 2012 Focus Electric Launch With New Website

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2012 Ford Focus Electric Microsite

2012 Ford Focus Electric Microsite

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It might seem a long while since Ford unveiled its 2012 all-electric Ford Focus at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, but in reality we’ve only known about Ford’s five seat electric hatchback for four months. 

But with the car due to launch some time before the end of 2011 Ford has brought its Ford Focus Electric marketing campaign to a new level with a brand new website designed to inform consumers about Ford’s first mainstream electric car. 

Heavy on performance

Visiting the Ford Focus Electric microsite we noticed immediately that Ford is keen to produce the performance advantages that come with an all-electric drivetrain. 

Highlighting the all-electric motor and its single-speed transmission, the site promotes the Focus’ acceleration and high-torque, giving what it terms “no-compromise driving fun.”

2012 Ford Focus Electric Microsite

2012 Ford Focus Electric Microsite

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Heavy on technology. 

Announcing the 2012 Ford Focus Electric at the 2011 CES was a big hint that Ford CEO Allan Mulally intended the new look Ford Focus range to be full of technology. 

Where Mulally left off at CES the Focus Electric microsite picks up, highlighting the MyFord Touch integration and custom MapQuest route planning offered as standard on the Focus Electric. 

In short, the microsite emphasizes the geek credentials of the Focus, hardly surprising when the car has already been extensively advertised through a range of online and new media outlets including Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech podcast. 

All the green, none of the greenwash

Surprisingly, there’s no butterflies on the site’s main page, no Ed Begley Jr., and most definitely no polar bears

What there is instead is the quiet, constant reiteration that the 2012 Ford Focus Electric is an eco-minded car, but one which reaches eco-credentials without losing out on modern day pleasures. 

The only flaw we’ve seen on the site is the use of Miles Per Gallon when measuring performance and fuel efficiency, claiming the Ford Focus Electric “will offer an MPG equivalent competitive with the competition”.  

Since we’ve already shared our frustration that automakers and the EPA seem bent on representing electric car efficiency in this idiotic way we’ll leave that topic well alone, but it does at least hint that Ford is doing everything it can to make the Ford Focus appeal to a regular Joe. 

In other words, Ford appears to be marketing the car to a mainstream buyer, not an early adopter or a niche market eco-warrior. 

And for that, we have to congratulate them. 

What do you think of the new 2012 Ford Focus Electric microsite?  Let us know in the Comments below. 

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Comments (10)
  1. Pretty awesome site. I tried to sign up for updates, but I can't submit the form with either Chrome or IE 9.

  2. I think that they've nailed the EV message for everyone crying out for an Electric car that was normal. They've avoided making the car look over or underly techie/butch/eco. They've just replaced stereotypical marketing messages like speed and power with, well, electric speed and power. Nice job.

  3. This Focus EV website has been around for a while and it does a great job of describing the features and technology.
    I intend to buy the Focus EV, so I am getting excited about the launch. I picked the Focus for the reason in stated your article, I want an EV that looks just like a regular car. I'm not trying to make a statement.

  4. Good luck to Ford is all I can say. I hope that they sell a lot of them, but I'll believe it when I see it. BTW, have they announced the price?

  5. from research that i could find.
    coda 34kwh 134 horsepower
    leaf 24kwh 107 horsepower
    focus 23kwh 123 horsepower (as rated by ford)
    hopefully all 3 will have success. i also wonder how much the focus will sell for ? and also wonder if coda will cut their price from the beginning.
    while coda's window area seems larger than the other 2, all 3 of them are following that current design of small window area.

  6. And can you find anything on Ford's site about:
    1) When you can get it?
    2) How much it will cost?
    I could not.
    I am sure it will come out some day. I am not waiting. There is only one EV in the US that I can afford today and get it delivered in a week. Maybe I will regret not waiting for the Focus EV. Maybe not.

  7. Nikki: You mentioned the "regular Joe." What about the "regular Jane"? It would be interesting the learn the demographics of Volt and Leaf buyers and to learn how Ford plans to market the Focus EV. Remember, Toyota chose to go with the unique Prius while Honda put the hybrid drivetrain in its Civic. The Prius won that race. Will the unique Leaf do the same with the Focus EV?

  8. This all electric Focus looks great to me. I've signed up for "updates" and, I've also personally spoken to the sales manager at the local dealership to advise me when they will one for me to look at and drive later this year.
    I just recently retired so it looks like I might have to sell my (beloved, beautiful) Jaguar convertible so as to live, "frugally".
    I've really wanted the Tesla but, it's too expensive for me at this time in my life. All electric and, hybrid is the future!

  9. Hey, what is the range on one charge for the Ford Focus electric?

  10. I am anxiously awaiting this car! I own a 2003 Focus and love the handling dynamics of the chassis. Very fun cars to drive! I imagine the EV Focus will be much the same.
    There is no way I am going to support GM, so the Volt is out of the question.
    I've signed up for updates, and I hope more info is released about pricing and availability by July/August. I'd like to be able to purchase this car by November'ish time frame.
    Lets go Ford!

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