Ed Begley, Jr. Launches Ford’s Electric Car War On Chevrolet, Nissan (VIDEO)

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Ed Begley, Jr. Ford Electric Vehicles Informercial

Ed Begley, Jr. Ford Electric Vehicles Informercial

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Choosing a spokesperson for a new brand is pretty tough, especially if someone else has already had a go at selling what you’re trying to. 

NIssan chose world-champion cyclist Lance Armstrong to be their public face on early Nissan LEAF commercials.  

It appears Ford has chosen American actor and well-known environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. From what we can see, he’s gunning for Ford, taking shots at every other plug-in car on the market. 

In what can only be described as an infomercial for Ford’s new line of plug-in vehicles, Begley. presents a 3-and-a-half minute short explaining why Ford’s electric vehicles are better than the competition. 

There’s no punches spared either.  Within seconds of the short starting, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and 2011 Nissan LEAF are named and shamed, using reproduced newspaper headlines from Voltgate and Nissan’s EPA rating

The ultimate attack is aimed at the 2012 Ford Focus Electric’s direct competitor, the Nissan LEAF. Highlighting Ford’s on-board 6.6 kilowatt charger in its electric vehicles is twice as powerful as in the LEAF, Begley jibes, “Focus Electric can fully charge in just over 3 hours. I could mention cars that take twice that time, but I’ll LEAF that alone”

We’re not sure if Begley’s involvement with Ford is an ongoing one, but in the infomercial his endorsement of the brand certainly hints at a long-term relationship. 

As for the video? We’ve seen better, but perhaps this is just an initial video intended for public demonstrations like the 2011 Detroit Auto Show rather than online or traditional advertising. 

The video is below. Let us know what you think. 


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Comments (14)
  1. That's actually pretty well produced, although a little contradictory by trying to slam the Volt for not being fully electric "all the time" (after 40 miles), then hyping their own hybrids. They backpedal by saying gas is OK if the vehicle uses it efficiently. Still, I could see them running pieces of this in 30 second ads.

  2. One big problem. No product available to BUY. Just a bunch of HYPE. At least I will get My Leaf sometime this Year.

  3. "Close the deal, stand and deliver!" First to market in numbers is going to win the Electric Car battle...
    They gotta sell enough Super Charged Electric Fords to get me Focused! Nissan aren't even coming to my City!

  4. I agree with TEDMAC, talk is cheap. No product. I have a 2000 Ford Ranger EV now, and a Nissan Leaf on order. Nissan was first to market and will be the EV leader for a while. Ford had this a long time ago and choose to bury the technology instead of selling it to customers. At least they didn't crush all the Ranger EVs, I have got to give them props for that. However they are late to the show here...

  5. I wish the car companies wouldn't try to trash other EV makers, but I guess it's in their genes to do so. I know Ed, and he's a great guy. He drives a RAV4 EV and has being driving EVs for over 20 years. This is a paid gig for him, so he'll say what the marketing people tell him to say. I just wish they would compete against the real enemy, internal combustion, but then, Ford makes a lot of those.

  6. what i did not like about it was it was too "salesy".
    it reminded me of an old fashioned car dealer - the kind that would sell his own mother.
    and this is still the reason i like coda best. at least up to now, they are real down to earth. the ads are more about the actual product.
    if any of you guys have seen commercials from the 1950s and some from the 60s, you might be surprised.
    i had actually forgotten about them. but many of them are more like a real person explaining the product, as opposed to a salesperson selling you something.
    i am glad that we continue to get more car companies on board. unfortunately 2 of the 3 residential ford models are hybrids.
    nissan has several other models coming out soon, all of them are electric, if i recall. to me, they are still way ahead of the other big guys.

  7. Paul, he may be driving a RAV 4 now, but he has NOT been driving just EVs for 20 years. He came here for an Environmental conference and I wanted to ask him why he was driving a Prius that uses gasoline! I chose not to embarrass him, but in my opinion, based on his speech, he isn't a very good spokesperson for the environment.

  8. 6kw charging - like
    Patronising butterflies to indicate charge level - not such much, give me real numbers to work with.

  9. I will be driving a LEAF before anyone can buy a Focus EV. And when the Focus EV is available the LEAF will have a 6.6kW charger.

  10. Now available for 2015? Free nonsensical gimicky butterflies instead of gages! Price probably in the low 50's. Still has a nifty gas burner. Gonna kick some A

  11. This sold me on looking very seriously at Ford's Focus EV. It'll be closing timing on when I can get a Leaf or a Focus EV. Nissan, you have some competition...

  12. I will never, NEVER purchase a vehicle that has butterflies, trees, polar bears or any other gimmicky graphics displayed.

  13. They try to present themselves as leaders with no product only promises and strongly suggest their features are unique to them. There is NOTHING in that ad that is not already available from someone else.
    I like old-fashioned advertising that informed you about the product and never bashed the competition. That's why I hate politics so much, because their primary effort is not about good government but tearing down the other guy.

  14. This is "Green Ed Begley" at his only environmentalist kind of activity- being paid to seem like he really cares. If you do not pay him he will be sitting on his r**r consuming resources.

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