Toyota Hops On the Direct Injection And Turbocharging Bandwagon

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Toyota is the latest automaker to announce it’s headed down the downsized engine path as it strives for improved fuel economy, following the likes of Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai, all of which have announced similar plans in the recent past. Toyota has long been the champion of hybrid technology but even it has been lured by the relatively low cost and effectiveness of downsized engines featuring direct injection and turbocharging technologies. 

The information was revealed by the automaker’s R&D chief and one of the key men behind the Prius, Takeshi Uchiyamada, who spoke recently with AutoWeek.

"In the next five years, the general trend is downsizing of engines and the use of turbochargers," Uchiyamada said. "Another development will be direct fuel injection."

Toyota plans to use the technologies in its entire lineup, with everything from Corollas and Camrys getting the new fuel efficient powertrains. Both four-cylinder and V-6 units will be included, as well as increased use of engine stop-start technology and advances in variable valve systems.

Hybrid fans shouldn’t fret, however, as Toyota hasn’t forgotten the technology that’s helped it become one of the most recognized names in the green segment. Uchiyamada also revealed that 11 new or redesigned hybrid models will be introduced between now and 2012, including both standalone hybrids and gasoline-electric versions of existing models.

The medium-term goal for Toyota will be to sell around one million hybrid vehicles by 2015, almost double the number--530,000--the automaker sold last year.

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Comments (4)
  1. well, i need to give toyota a clue - that bandwagon stopped a while ago.
    the current bandwagon are evs, and that bandwagon will he here for a long time.
    i wonder how long it will take for toyota and gm to wise up ?
    well we already know why the oil industry, i mean gm, is not jumping on the ev bandwagon.
    what is toyota's excuse ?

  2. EV enthusiast,
    It sounds like you are one of those people who fell for the conspiracy theory in Who Killed the Electric Car? Don't get me wrong. I am all in favor of electric cars but anyone who knows anything about EV's knows that battery technology was the limiting factor until just recently. I have a feeling you are getting all enraged right now because Chris Paine convinced you in his film that oil companies are suppressing nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery technology. Really??? In the same film there are hybrid cars shown. Hybrids use NiMH batteries. It's amazing how WKTEC? got away with that enormous contradiction.

  3. what a laugh !!
    we have technology way before it is "needed".
    i guess it just happens to be a coincidence that chevron still has patents to the nimh battery system.
    do you work for the oil industry ?

  4. Actually, NiMH batteries ARE still suppressed by chevron/Texaco. They hold controlling rights until around 2014 or so, for LARGE SCALE NiMH batteries. Hybrids are considered small scale, which would be no good for people to make their own EVs at home, which is what they fear. But one day, the oil will run out, and they will have nothing to sell.....

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