PETA Proposes Ads Urging Electric-Car Drivers To Go Vegan

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PETA vegan ad on electric-car charger

PETA vegan ad on electric-car charger

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Ah, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the gift that just keeps on giving headline fodder to eager editors.

Which is probably just what PETA intended.

We learned last week that PETA proposed to Boston's chief of environmental and energy services, Jim Hunt, that it run ads promoting the green benefits of eating a vegan diet on the electric-car charging stations the city plans to install.

Boston will install three chargers near its City Hall complex by March next year, to accommodate drivers of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, 2011 Chevrolet Volt, and other electric vehicles that will hit the market over the next two years.

PETA's last foray into the auto arena involved the use of a monkey in a TV ad for the Dodge Tent Event summer sale. Objecting to the use of a performing animal, PETA persuaded Dodge to dump the monkey.

Dodge responded by digitally erasing the monkey and changing the voiceover by Michael C. Hall--better known as the civic-minded serial killer title character of Dexter--to refer to "an invisible monkey."

"The first one was just meh, monkey joke," concluded Consumerist. "The revision is an act of surreal genius, and a giant finger to PETA pantywringers."

On our part, we learned from the comments that a whole lot of people out there really don't like PETA--and that PETA itself is pretty testy too.

Regarding a vegan diet, there's a fair amount of data out there showing the disproportionate carbon impact of industrialized meat and animal production. Very roughly, factory animal farming emits an overall carbon footprint roughly equal to that of the entire transportation sector.

Essentially, the argument goes, eating plants is far closer to carbon neutral than feeding  those plants to large animals, which require energy (and its associated carbon footprint) to house, care for, slaughter, butcher, and transport so they can be made available in little packages for you to eat.

While the data is out there, the carbon footprint of meat production is a very, very peripheral issue for this site. So enough of that.

We're curious, though, about why PETA seems to think that electric-car drivers happen to be any more prone to a vegan message than average citizens.

So we invite you--especially if you're thinking of buying an electric car--to share your thoughts on PETA's proposed ads. Would you consider switching to a vegan diet to lower your personal carbon footprint? Leave us your reactions in the Comments below.

[Boston Overdrive; hat tip: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield]

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Comments (12)
  1. I love PETA, with those falafel balls and some chicken and tahini. Oh wait, THAT PETA, People who Eat Tasty Animals. That would be me. An organization that gets too much press, and really deserves to be silenced where ads are concerned. Leaf drivers as vegans? No, they just want to not have to give money to the oil companies.

  2. Hmmm, do we really need ads on these things? Personally, I think the world would be a better place (no connection the swapper) without this type of advertising on objects.
    Let PETA stick to what they do best, performance ART.

  3. If PETA's advertising helps pay for more charging stations, great. I don't care who sponsors them. I have been vegetarian since 1993 and an EV driver since 2007. My reasons had nothing to do with CO2. I am not sure that an ad like this could ever be effective. But they have a better chance advertising to EV drivers than, say, at a NASCAR event.

  4. for my part I've always hated PETA.
    but I'd like to take their point and go even further with it. if anyone buys a "green" car and goes on and on about how they care about the planet and I must not because I "only" drive a normal compact.. they MUST eat crow.. or lack there of.. and become vegan.
    That's right. If you want to boast about how green you are because of how much disposable income you have available to buy a hybrid or an electric car, I'm going to shame you about your industrial beef consumption. anyone can buy a car, the dedicated ones live green on a daily basis.

  5. I think the idea is good, although these EVs are supposed to be for EVERYONE, a lot of the early adopters will be those that are either gadget-minded and/or GREEN minded. And knowing that veganism (or vegetarianism) is a definite step towards a greener makes sense to inform those green-minded people that they can do even MORE...very easily!

  6. This is just another loud,small segment of society,pushing a radical agenda(veganism and equal animal rights)by attaching it to a popular cause.I respected PETA when they first fought animal cruelty.Their primary,practical Ideology morphed into something I do not respect when they allowed fragments of fanatic culture to hijack it.In their desperate maneuvers...they have compromised there own existence.

  7. Seems like a good idea to me. You can't be an environmentalist and eat meat.

  8. I strongly urge all PETA folks to eat green meat. The more green & rancid the better!!
    As far as new laws & taxes (fees/fines/whatever) on medium & duty trucks are concerned; I see rough times ahead for those in the Trucking industry (15% unemployment?) and sky-high prices on anything delivered by truck (or made from ingredients/parts transported by truck) -- which includes almost EVERYTHING! Imagine the price of immediately replacing every $75,000 - $145,000 heavy truck with one that costs $135,000 - $227,000. That'll be one heck of an economic Killer! Make an "ObamaNation" of our lifeltyles in a big hurry!

  9. Man, PETA is like that ex-girlfriend that just won't go away... you know, the one that just keeps nagging about dumb shit over and over and over and over and over again. Who do they think they're reaching, anyways? Meat is like crack for men. I honestly go through withdrawals after a couple days. And it's legal!
    Thinking I'm going to have two burgers for lunch tomorrow.

  10. How about this as a proposal? All members of PETA, not just poster-girl Pamela, should be required to shed all clothing of any sort then continue to go about their lives in the nude. Manufacturing clothes alone uses some of the most toxic materials known to mankind and that harms animals. Why stop at fur? Take it all off and prove to us that you’re committed to saving animals from harm. Have a garage sale. Get rid of all that modern technology you use to constantly harangue the rest of us. Electronic manufacturing waste approaches nuclear waste in lethal toxicity. Of course, to really commit to your message you must discard all connections to modern life. Everything humans do impacts animals and the environment. If you want it to stop you need to demonstrate your willingness to live by your own words. Otherwise you have no business telling the rest of us what to do.

  11. I have converted my 1996 Ford Probe to run on electric only ( ) and I love eating meat. How are the vegetables going to be processed and transported? So I suggest the add should read "If you have a conscience, then only use this electric point if you only eat what is in your garden, otherwise shame on you". However if it is free elecric than I am all for that, gives me more money to buy burgers etc.

  12. I think the place where the ads were put couldn't make more sense.
    If you're worried about the transportation sector, wich is responsible for 15% of the world's carbon emission, why wouldn't you be worried about the factory farming industry, wich contributes with 18%? People who really care about the environment shouldn't me eating meat. Period.
    Plus, PETA is just advertising another reason to stop animal abuse. I loved it :)

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