2011 Chevrolet Volt Could Join Feds' Fleet

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2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt

The White House wants to walk green while it talks green, which is why the government's purchasing department is now placing an order for 100 electric cars to be distributed through agencies later in the year.

The New York Times reports the Obama administration's executive order from October 2009 mandates that federally owned and operated vehicles do their part to to cut carbon emissions, and EVs--as well as hybrid cars--are in the plan.

The General Services Administration has already begun integrating the hybrid cars into its fleets, the Times reports. More than 5,600 of the Feds' least green cars are being replaced with hybrid vehicles being delivered now.

The electric cars will take more time to procure, and to implement. Aside from the issues of recharging and quick-charge availability, there's the issue of nationality. The government is keen on keeping EV purchases as U.S.-centric as possible, which means vehicles like the 2011 Chevrolet Volt seem like a good choice--even though the batteries are made, for now, in South Korea.

The Times doesn't comment on whether the 2011 Nissan Leaf will be eligible. The initial batch of Leaf sedans will be sourced from Japan, but by 2013, Nissan expects to begin production in Tennessee.

The GSA has a fleet of more than 650,000 vehicles, with more than a third belonging to the post office. The EVs to be purchased will be chosen before the end of the year.

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Comments (4)
  1. nothing like us supporting gm a third time.
    the real bigwigs want a world govt. they are no longer satisfied with just owning one country.
    be very wary. obama is just part of the process. it was real obvious when the lawsuit against arizona was filed.
    control of power needs to go towards the local, not towards the central.
    gm is controlled lock, stock, and barrel by interests that are not in the best interests of the population as a whole.
    everyone needs to open their eyes and realize the very dangerous position that we are getting in. they are garnering more and more control.

  2. This ridiculous. First, no need to buy the Volt, tax payers have already forked over 52 billion dollars to keep this fiasco and the unions who vote BHO alive. Second, Shai Agassi intends to field 50 thousand cars, not one hundred, within 2-3 years, so who's playing the serious game, US government or the BP-GE-Nissan_Renault consortium, sans tax=payer money?

  3. I bet the complaining posters still think our military shouldn't have supported semiconductor chips, GPS, cell phones or the Internet. How soon they forget.
    Our US military is the most successful venture capitalist on earth. If we want EVs then we need to make EVs, a lot of them. That's the only way they will come down in price, in less than 15 years.
    Of course, we could just wait until we hit that fossil fuel brick wall, again. Then we can talk about how this or that caused the crash or how it was the speculators or some other nonsense.
    Actually, it doesn't matter what silly little steps we take to move away from petroleum or to clean up our air. Mother nature will have the last word, and she's pissed.

  4. i am thrilled that we are leaving the petroleum world, and all the wars associated with it. people will buy today's cars in droves. and these cars will only get better in the 10 years to follow.

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