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The open road

4,000 miles, 2010 - Classic Beetle with 21st century power crosses Canada

Classic cars can make for great EV conversions as they're so lightweight and simple to work on, and Volkswagen Beetles are very popular conversions. The UBC Electric Car Club from Vancouver took their 1972 Bug 4,000 miles across Canada over winding mountain passes and on deserted highways. The car has a range of 185 miles at 60mph and 340 miles at 30mph, with a top speed of 85mph. You can find out more about the E-Beetle here.

4,000 miles, 2010 - 28 days to cross Canada in an i-MiEV

The car may be newer but with a range of only 100 miles at best, Mitsubishi had a harder time on their Canadian road trip than the students in their e-Beetle. The stops to charge gave them a chance to show the car off to journalists and enthusiasts along the way though. They set off from Cape Spear in St John's, Newfoundland on August 17th 2010 and arrived in Vancouver on September 16th 2010.

15,500 miles, 2012 - Around the world in a Citroen C-Zero

You may think that the ideal round-the-world vehicle is a large, comfortable off-road vehicle, but French duo Xavier and Antonin are doing their trip in a Citroen C-Zero, an electric city car based on the more familiar Mitsubishi i, or i-MiEV as its known in Europe. The duo will be relying on "Pluggers" to let them charge at peoples' homes, so if you'd like to help, go to the team's website as this one is still ongoing.

16,000 miles, 2010 - Driving the Pan-American highway in an electric supercar

If you were driving from Alaska to South America, you might want some creature comforts. Air conditioning? Comfy seats? Err... A windscreen and a roof? Racing Green Endurance from the UK saw fit not to bring any of the above, instead choosing a Le Mans Prototype-style Radical. The car is fitted with EV running gear and has a 300 mile range. Over 16,000 miles in a car more basic than a Lotus Elise. Mad? The Brits prefer the word "adventurous"...

18,650 miles, 2010 - The Zero Race - around the world in 80 days

Jules Verne got there first but the Zero Race is the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe in EVs, and using renewable electricity at that. In the end, the winning vehicle was the "Oerlikon Solar", an enclosed, two-wheel electric vehicle with its energy usage on the road offset by the production of solar energy. A Vectrix electric scooter finished second when the points were tallied at the end of the event.

25,000 miles, 2010 - The TAG Heuer Tesla: "Odyssey of Pioneers"

Perhaps a little more glamorous than Project EViE or the Zero Race but the mission is the same - drive around the world. The Tesla is a good choice for a road trip given the potential for more than 200 miles from a charge. The journey began back in March 2010 and they drove through Russia in May of that year. Their Odyssey ended in New York on September 2nd. You can find out more about the trip on the website.

66,000 miles, Project EViE - 70 countries, six continents

Project EViE was about busting the range anxiety factor that is currently one of the biggest hurdles to mainstream EV adoption. No better way to silence the doubters than proving that EVs can be confidently used on the mother of all road trips, a global circumnavigation. Along the way they'll face varied terrain that will push their car to it's limits. You can read an interview with the project director here. Unfortunately, the team's website and blog now no longer exist - so we expect this ambitious trip was one that never got off the ground.

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  1. Solectria Sunrise Sets New EV Range Record - 375 Miles
    Solectria Sunrise EV- 375 Miles on a charge in 1996 (Wilmington, MA)

  2. Just tell me when you pass in Lisbon, guys.
    I wanna see you!
    Good journey.
    Essiemme - (Portugal/Europe)

  3. What about Hjalte Tin and Nina Tin Rasmussen who drove round the world in a converted Nissan Qashqui(sp?). Not sure what the driven mileage was but they traveled from Denmark, across europe into America (calling on Jack Rickard at EVTV) and back to Denmark finishing mid 2011.

  4. One would think that an electric car would be much easier to refuel while moving, especially in this age of electric commerce and smart meters. Electric trains and trams have been doing it for ever, and much more safely than they currently refuel Jets inflight. As far as extending range my choice would be h2 or maybe CNG - in a turbine engine rather than a thirsty ICE.

  5. It's great to see publicity of long distance EVs. Adding to that, check out xof1, a Canadian solar car that has travelled some 22,000 miles without ever plugging in to the grid. That replaces outlet anxiety with sunshine anxiety, and makes schedules with Marcelo highly uncertain. His secret is very high efficiency, about 25 Wh per mile. My US Electricar uses more than 10 times that.

  6. We're looking to launch a "fuel free" campaign in an EV this summer called the "Million Mile Mission." We're looking for an EV company to partner with for the campaign. If you're interested in what we have to offer, please contact us through our website at

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