Obama Meets The Volt: Sparks Barely Fly

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President Barack Obama’s electric vehicle tour climaxed last Thursday with a visit to the Compact Power battery plant in Holland, Michigan, where he was treated to his first extensive experience with the upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

The Holland plant just happens to be the place where LG Chem, the parent of Compact Power, is making the battery cells for the Volt, a range-extended electric car, and Obama’s visit is one of the President’s strongest showings of support for EVs since his appointment.

In fact, Obama has been backing greater electrification of the automobile in recent weeks, having already visited Smith Electric Vehicles in Kansas City, Missouri and now the visit to Compact Power.

It’s the President’s belief that green technology will help establish a new field of high-paying jobs, as well as keep investment dollars from flowing overseas. To help spur that development, more than $6 billion is to be spent by the government on electric vehicle research and infrastructure. This is on top of the $2.4 billion already handed out to automakers, startups and battery companies since last August.

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt, meanwhile, goes on sale late this year in California; Michigan; New York; Austin, Texas; and the Washington, D.C. area. Frankly, we wouldn’t be too surprised if one of them turns up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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Comments (8)
  1. Sparks didnt fly because the Volt is already obsolete and it hasnt even been released yet! The volt is garbage. I hope to God Obama doesn't give a dime more to GM. GO TESLA, GO BYD, GO LEAF, GO EVERY OTHER ELECTRIC CAR COMPANY.

  2. Despite the baseless, uninformed rantings of 'cliff' above, your Article's tag line makes no sense. Sparks not flying has a very negative connotation- but the body of the article itself suggests nothing but positive support from President Obama. You might consider re-titling the article;-)

  3. Agreed. The title implied some sort of negativity nowhere to be found in the article. The article was good, otherwise.

  4. This admin. is obviously in dillusion. The best way is fission, yes nuclear energy! Its the onl way out to something better. Just think one sand granule split--it's mass has enough energy to power one person's electrical engery for their life cycle (entire life time!)--to me--that is the way. This could be the way to something better--but I do believe that we must master fission to get to pure energy. "wink"

  5. steven
    absolutely, and thats why I've ordered my Volt with Mr. Fission range extenders. And rocket launchers. Yes the admin. is obviously in dillusion (sic).

  6. the volt is only gonna attract one kind of buyer - the person hesitant about the range of evs.
    even today, that is a worry much greater than reality. 2 years experience in the ev field, and battery improvements will make the car obsolete, and parts hard to find cuz of the limited years of manufacture.
    but gm doesnt get much right. and when they do, they scrap it because some execs got a bunch of money from big oil.

  7. ev enthusiast is spot on. to paul How is what i said baseless? You read the performance of ev's im sure. based on the performance of the companies i mentioned, the volt is obsolete and a totally over hyped crap box.

  8. Hi Cliff- I mean 'basless' as in 'without foundation.' To call the volt gargage and obselete has no basis in fact, and suggests that you simply do not like GM- which is okay- just say so- but hope that the Volt succeeds because it will help EV sales as a whole. The Volt also, from all reports so far, seems to be a very good car. I have always said the Volt will be a transition car to pure BEVs, but it will be a transition car for many, many years, for many reasons that many other studies/interviews have enumerated. I would be more concerned with touting BYD, a car that has yet to put a US-road-worthy vehicle out there- and frankly, I am also concerned with Chinese quality, and sending money to a communist regime.

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