BYD and Daimler Join For Work on EVs for Chinese Market

2010 Detroit Auto Show

2010 Detroit Auto Show

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Daimler is a busy player in the electric vehicle category.  From recent news that Smart has partnered with Renault-Nissan, a deal which could result in an updates Smart ED, to Daimler signing a joint venture with BYD to build EVs for the Chinese market, the company is active with electrics.

The most recent announcement stemming from Daimler involves the announcement of Shenzen as the selected city in China for a new research and development center.  The focus of the center will be to develop electric vehicles for the Chinese market.  The vehicles will be sold under a new name.

BYD will work to promote electric vehicles by contacting Chinese agencies and by promoting the installation of EV chargers countrywide.  With China's intent on becoming the worldwide EV leader, a lot of work must be done.  China aims to reduce pollution in major cities by encouraging drivers to choose EVs.

With the help of Daimler and BYD, China is now one step closer to their goal.


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  1. Well as much as I hate to say it, it seems like pretty smart policy on the part of the PRC. It will be fascinating to see how it actually works out. Isn't it a Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"? I shudder to think of the battalions of BYDs taking ove the U.S. car market. Eve if I was Kia or Hyundai (same thing actually, I guess) it would make me very nervous.

  2. Smart move by both companies; Daimler gets the battery knowledge from BYD and a way into the China market. BYD get access to the US market through Daimler dealer infrastructure. This will help drive down EV prices for the consumer. China will be a larger market for new vehicles but the profit margin will be lower than sales in the US.

  3. For Chinese immigrants to North America seeking a better life than the one offered at home are pretty much just two things - better air and water. If PRC manages to improve the air quality in cities of China through the phasing out of ICE vehicles (say in 10~15 years), there will be virtually no motivation for immigration abroad, and even start to attract foreign talents the way US had been doing it for much of post WW2 era. The move is not only great for PRC, but if successful, the long run implication is incalculable.

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