Think! To Build Production Plant In Indiana

The Think! City

The Think! City

Norwegian automaker Think, which barely escaped complete dissolution last year thanks to capital injections from new strategic partners Ener1 and Valmet, continues to forge ahead and has apparently chosen a site near Middlebury, Indiana to construct a major EV assembly plant inside the U.S..

In August we reported that having emerged from bankruptcy and moved production of the Think City to a Valmet facility in Finland, the company was also shopping for a U.S. manufacturing site and would be announcing it's choice toward the end of the year.  At that time sites in Detroit and Oregon were also in the running, but according to the Elkhart Indiana eTruth, Governor Mitch Daniels will be joining board members of the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County Tuesday to announce to the press that Indiana has been chosen.

Elkhart County officials approved a tax abatement plan for Think last month, based on the company's proposed $43.5 million investment in a production facility capable of building 2,500 vehicles a year and employing 415 workers.

The Think City seats two,  has a maximum speed of 62 mph and a range of over 100 miles per charge.

[SOURCE:  eTRUTH, Elkhart Blog:MSNBC]

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  1. Great cocept ..a small commute car ..more than 100 miles range it depends how they price it & how good it is made ...

  2. Yet another 21st century EV with 1997 range and probably lacking in performance compared to the EV1. Why do companies like Think and Nissan believe the public will buy cars that was proven a market failure? The oil companies did not kill the electric car. A 100 mile range and two seats killed the electric car. Too few people will buy a car with the equivalent of a three gallon "gas tank." Would you buy a car that MIGHT (or might not!) travel 100 miles with an eight to 14 hour wait time before you can drive it another POSSIBLE 100 miles? I wouldn't. Here's hoping the GM Volt will be a market success if you want the electric car.

  3. EV cars will be commute vehicles for many ..90% of the time 100 miles range is enuf for a day ..recharge at night & good to go in AM..once the high voltage charging stations come on line can charge the car in few minutes . For long distance travelling rent a car when you need it ..that is 1-2 a year ..many families own 2 cars in FL ..a 2nd car cud be Volt ..Look at the +ve side of EV ..very little maintenance & cost to drive ..once the sale pick up for EV costs will come down ..unless we that we will never become independent of arab oil ..think about it ..

  4. Although the car is Norwegian and built in Finland, I ponder how it will take a (Canadian) praiie winter. 100 km/hr may become 80-90 km/hr in the winter, and that could cause problems in commuter traffic as many commutes are partly on freeways.

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