Aptera Production To Reach 10,000 Units in First 3 Years, Search For New Production Facility Underway

Aptera 2e development prototype at company offices in Vista, California

Aptera 2e development prototype at company offices in Vista, California

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If you have followed this site for awhile, you are probably aware that we have covered the company Aptera on countless occasions.  Recently, it was reported that the company was facing both financial struggles and widespread firings (or a leave of absence as the company has stated). At this point, Aptera's future success has been reported as questionable, yet many eagerly await the production of the 2e and follow the Aptera blog on a daily basis.Recent rulings made companies such as Aptera and their three wheel vehicles eligible for the Department of Energy's AVTM loans.  Since Aptera filed for loans under the program before they were technically eligible, new filings must be sent out.  The loan application is extensive and requires specific information about future plans.  Aptera's loan applications will be filed sometime in January.

The application calls for information on a 10 year plan.  Aptera had to provide a future outlook and detailed information for acceptance under the terms of the loan.  Though the information regarding their loan application is not yet available, the company has posted information on their own blog for readers in advance.  Planning for 10 years ahead, Aptera has released this information, "We had to think through what Aptera needs tomorrow as a start up, and in the future, as a sustaining automobile manufacturer with annual production volumes numbering in the 10s of thousands of units per year.  At those levels of production, one thing is clearly apparent; our current facilities are woefully inadequate. Considering that our plan calls for more than 10,000 units in the first 3 years and more than 300 employees, this is clearly a temporary solution and we knew that from the start, but the planning required for the loan application makes this fact more glaringly obvious. So the bottom line is Aptera is looking for a new production facility."

Aside from releasing information about searching for a new production facility which Aptera hopes to find in the San Diego County area of Southern California, the company also discussed a new composites partner.  They have partnered with Energetx who will create the body of the Aptera 2e.  As Aptera said, "As a part of the agreement, we share our proprietary composite construction system with Energetx and they return to us completed Aptera bodies. Their first test is underway now as Energetx works to deliver our first production intent body in just a few short weeks. This new body will feature all of the structural and dimensional changes that we have told you about, and will mark the official beginning of our process development cycle."

The information quoted above is directly from the Aptera newsletter, therefore it cannot be sufficiently confirmed at this point.  Once the loan filings become official, additional information will be available.  We are hopeful that Aptera can meet their goals stated above and wish them success.

Source:  Aptera Newsletter via AutoBlogGreen

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Comments (11)
  1. Aptera had a chance before EVs went mainstream. It can't compete with conventional EVs like the Volt and Leaf. Just as we don't see internal combustion engine "airplanes" on our roads, we won't see the EV Aptera.

  2. Heh. Rick, not only does the Aptera "compete" with the Volt and Leaf, it's far superior.

  3. I will beleive it when I see it roll off the line and is availble here in Tennessee, until then they kiss my grits. Too many delays.

  4. Aptera has had too many delays and they should hire a proofreader for their next newsletter. It's a shame how they continue to lose credibility.

  5. İt is astounding that a company would put such stuff on their website. They haven't thought about anything other than how to get more funds apparently!

  6. While I love the design of the Aptera, another site is predicting the imminent demise of Aptera and its absorption by one of the Big Three to get its composites capabilities. See: http://www.thebigmoney.com/blogs/shifting-gears/2010/01/03/2010-year-ahead

  7. @rick. Nice try, but this vehicle can compete and has a solid market in the warmer climates, particularly Southern Ca.

  8. For the way most of us drive most of the time, the Aptera offers the best combination of comfort and efficiency. Obviously it's not for everyone. We did the math on projected cost vs. fuel efficiency & it looked very good. Aptera Motors needs to be able to not only survive but profit regardless of the kooks in D.C.; hoping they'll make it past the next few months and do just that.

  9. My geek heart has been broken too many times. My eyes are all cried out. When we had a chance to beat the world with the
    GM Impact, we crushed those dreams. then there was the Honda EV, Rav 4, the Phoenix, Zenn and their EESU's, the Aptera, etc, etc, etc.
    We will wind up driving a BYD and that's our fate.

  10. Looks like the chicken finally is going to lay the egg.

  11. Shakey company and Nissan is addressing "infrastructure" with a worldwide effort to deploy charging stations. I tend to agree that Aptera has missed the window. they may eventually deploy a product, but will have a hard time competing with Nissan regarding support and charging infrastructure which is all part of the issue. I wish a domestic company would step up to the challenge, but since GM (Ford and Chrysler also only GM had the best tachnology) missed the boat back in the 90's and got into bed with the oil companies we're going to see the Japanese auto manufacturers repeat the 70's when they introduced small, fuel efficient cars. The tax payer will most likely end up paying for the auto makers to retool again!

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