Price of Prius Going Up

New pricing for 2010 Toyota Prius, effective January 2010

New pricing for 2010 Toyota Prius, effective January 2010

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The Honda Insight, a vehicle that claimed to undercut the Prius in price while offering comparable performance in an almost as efficient package is not selling well in the U.S.  Recent reports show that sales of the Insight are incredibly low.  Prior to the launch of the new Prius, Toyota lowered the price to better compete with the Honda offering.  Now that Honda's Insight is struggling Toyota has coincidentally chosen to raise the price on the Prius.

The new increase in price will go into affect on January 24th.  The Prius will see a $400 price increase across all trim lines.  Walking off the lot with the cheapest available Prius, the Prius II will set you back $22,800 while a loaded Prius V will be tagged at $28,070.

Where's the Prius I base model?  Toyota has still not offered the base model Prius I here in the states.  This model is expected to start at $21,000.  However, the company has released very little information about a possible release date of the cheapest Prius.  Perhaps it will never makes it to market here as the vehicles lower priced competition has struggled to gain any market share.

The Toyota Prius still appears to be a solid bargain for its modest price tag.  A family sized vehicle, capable of carrying five in a pinch, while returning 50 mpg doing so and doing it for as little as $23,000 is still a deal to us.

Source:  Toyota Press Release Pricing Announcement

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  1. Toyota seems determined to be the new GM. First, they almost ignore electric cars even though they made the best one sold ten years ago. Now they raise their price when many writers say the Ford Focus Electric is a better vehicle overall and BYD promises a hybrid with better specs and a lower price.

  2. According to this report:
    There won't be a cheap Prius model. Big surprise. Toyota's announcement was just a headline-grabbing ploy to take the focus away from the Insight.

  3. I wouldn't be seen dead in a Toyota at any price, but I still have to agree with Eric on the value for the money issue. Credit where credit is due. I'm waiting patiently for the Volt. Even so, if GM does not come up with a straight up Prius fighter, Toyota is going to have open season in this price range. And, when the new Yaris based smaller hybrid discussed here recently arrives, OMG!

  4. Better scoot over to Honda & get a better price on Insight ..Honda quality is as good as Toyota ...if not better ..just herd mentality for many folks ...

  5. $400 isn't much. Basically GM has given up on competing with the Prius head to head as well as every other automaker except Honda who is failing miserably. You can call the Fusion hybrid a Prius competitor for people who want a less aerodynamic looking car and don't mind burning 20% more gas.

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