Get a Free Electric Car from Drive Electric

Zone Electric NEV-48 EX Offer

Zone Electric NEV-48 EX Offer

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A headline like the one above begs the question, "What's the catch?" Can you really get an electric car for free? Well, kinda.

Oklahoma-based, Drive Electric, sells neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs - a.k.a. electric golf carts) made by Western Golf Cars and Zone Electric. The NEV retailer is currently offering the four-passenger Zone Electric NEV-48 EX for $6,496.53. Not free you say? Subtract the $6,496.53 federal tax credit for EVs from the purchase price and voila. You've got yourself a free EV.

Sure, this EV is only legal to drive on streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less, and of course, you'd better talk to your tax planner before you write the check. If you live in a community where the pace of life is slow enough to accommodate golf carts though, this may be the deal for you.

Source: Free Electric Car via AutoblogGreen

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  3. Is the tax credit goood for 2010?

  4. Yeah I am interested in the tax credit as well. Any input?

  5. Got ours delivered last night! 7 months of waiting but WELL WORTH it and it was a credit on our 2009 taxes.

  6. Its a great deal...if you ever get the vehicle!! I ordered mine in December with an estimated shipping time of 16-18 weeks. I'm still waiting with NO definite date in sight. Repeated calls and emails have got me nowhere. Even my request for a refund was denied! I'm going to dispute the cc charge next. Btw the tax credit expired with the '09 tax yr. Not available in '10

  7. Continous excuses for delivery. I also ordered in December and now they say it will be October 31. Their add say they have plenty in stock....What a joke. CNN promoted this and it appears to be a scam!

  8. yes i am interested free car

  9. I live in Mossel Bay South Africa...i don't see any electric cars on the road here. Problem is, their to expensive, so only the celbs can and rich can drive them..all honesty, who gives a crap what a celeb drives? U should start making cars, electric cars that people like me would drive and buy..normal,middel class people.Whole electric car world is doing crap marketing,selling crapping electric cars and Hybrids..its all just show to try and sell their other fuel cars. It like when fuel companies do things for the enviroment..load of crap

  10. Golly, "crap" four separate times ...

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