Is EEStor Expanding its Facility?

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EEStor, Inc.

EEStor, Inc.

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The world waits as secretive Texas startup EEStor (well it's 9 years old) develops a breakthrough battery for electric cars, and many other applications, called the EESU.

These barium-based ultracapacitors in scalable arrays would be far cheaper, longer-lived, smaller and lighter than the best lithium ion batteries, having the potential to revolutionize energy storage.

EEStor has said they plan to deliver the EESU by the end of next month.

"EEStor has publicly indicated an objective of delivering functional technology to ZMC by the end of the calendar year," said Zenn spokesperson Catherine Scrimgeour. "ZMC is confident in their ability to meet that objective."

EEStor has supposedly been developing a production line for the batteries in an unassuming strip mall office space in Cedar Park Texas, an unlikely place for a revolutionary breakthrough of global scale.

One might imagine if the company were weeks away from releasing their technology to the world they might expand the facility.

According to the EEStor enthusiast blog which follows the story very closely, a permit was issued in August to allow EEStor to expand at least into the 2800 square foot adjoining store.

However, this report is disputed.

According to Phil Brewer who is director of Cedar Park economic development, "EEStor has not submitted any plans for expansion."

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  1. Perhaps some reporter should go up to their door, knock, and ask them how it is going.

  2. How about the competition - ???
    revolutionizing a green vehicle
    I doubt the electric bike will go forever... but why is there not more options like this available..
    hmm makes me wonder...

  3. if your going to continue to poach your stories from why dont you give them full credit?

  4. Perhaps they manufacturing space is someplace else.
    I can't imagine that anything but the offices would be allowed in shared/retail space. It seems unlikely that the strip mall owners would allow chemical engineering and manufacturing to be conducted in a space where other tennets or the general public could be bothered by noise, odors, or possibly dangerous accidents Even if the building allowed it, I can't imaging that zoning laws would allow it.

  5. 3 and 5, The EEStor blog is linked in the story. The quote from Brewer is new. Have a nice day =)

  6. If EESTOR is to be taken seriously, they either need to show us a demonstration version or show us where these things are being manufactured because it's not happening in the building featured here.

  7. Common people , this is a classic green stock scam: saturate the market with press releases (or even rumours)about groundbreaking green technology the world desperately needs and watch the value of your stock multiply. There are many examples like ZAP a few years back and even to some extend BYD which claimed to have "the world's first mass produced PHEV" (the F3DM) until it turned out they only produced a handful of them while the value of Warren Buffet's stake in this company quadrupled. Tip for the next hoax: tomorrow Ecolocap will have a showcase event for some classic too good to be true green technologies: a superfast charging lead acid battery with 2.5 the energy density of Li-ion at the price of lead acid and their so called M-fuel which seems to be a variant of the old driving-on-water scam. The value of this penny stock is pretty stable though. Maybe the market is getting wise to this type of scams especially when they are rather poorly executed like in this case.

  8. Great photo.
    9 SUV's and a Pickup Truck in the lot.
    There's irony in there somewhere.

  9. Esstor was and always will be smoke and mirrors.

  10. I smell vapor, I mean vaporware.

  11. Incredible that this company would get this much mileage - pun intended. You have to read between the lines with these jokers - "EEStor has publicly indicated an objective of delivering functional technology" This is very *clever* wording - it states that EESTOR has "indicated" NOT stated, not agreed to a deadline of, etc. - an *OBJECTIVE* (a goal) Basically a lot of talk without saying or commiting to much.

  12. My house is around 2000 square feet (including the garage)... Are these folks seriously gearing up to provide these things to the world with a production line that can almost fit inside of my house?

  13. Anyone it is entertaining. From the true believer:
    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009
    Update on EEStor Expansion
    Based on Lyle Dennis's lazy reporting yesterday, I was forced to call up Cedar Park's Phil Brewer this morning and ask for clarification of his remarks from yesterday. (I'm just kidding Lyle! :-) ) While he acknowledged his quote from yesterday, I pointed out to him the permit of occupancy provided in September and he acknowledged he was unaware of it.

  14. Eestor is not showing signs of ramping up production or increasing staff?!? It is starting to look like they have figured out that they are not able to make the EESU. They "leaked" info. that the EESU will be out at the end of the year, yet no ramping up of the staff or office space, not to mention no ramping up of the manufacturing space to produce the product. Yup, this is vapor-ware. Just wait... December will come and go and the timeline will be moved to the end of the first Q-2010. Then another delay to the second Quarter... then buh-bye Zenn.

  15. The inventors, Dick and Carl, have numerous valid patents, have had a long career prior to this project which is free of suspicion. The permittivity data, confirmed by many, remains unchallenged in it's authenticity. The world changed when they released the permittivity results. It is sad that many people have let their frustrations from the numerous delays cloud the importance of that release. If that permittivity has been attained, everything else is just packagaing details.
    Eestor will not feel the need to increase staff or facilities until they reveal the EESU. At that point, in the words of the inventor, "All He** Will Break Loose."
    I have always wondered why people who leave the faith end up being among it's worst persecutors. It it because of knowledge of the lack thereof??

  16. The P.E. #17,
    You sound like a Baghead follower.
    Your absolutely right when you stated "The inventors, Dick and Carl, have numerous valid patents,", but your statement "have had a long career prior to this project which is free of suspicion." is BS. The "prior" company Dick and Carl founded Tulip/Titanium was a business failure. Investors in the company lost million while Dick and Carl made good money living off the investors money.
    Dick and Carl did get 16 patents approved while at Tulip/Titanium but still the company went out of business. This proves writing patents and getting them approved don't guarantee a business will be successful especially from Dick and Carl past experience.
    You can tell Baghead, tvillar and his believers not to get to exited when Dick and Carl's patent get approved because EESCAM is still going to fail.

  17. To Wednesday
    Please, can you support this with the list of investors that lost millions with Tulip/Titanoum?
    I don't know if those guys are going to deliver it or not but until now their actions are consistent with their claims. The only EESCAM are all those like you, talking BS without any support.
    The MUHAHAHA day is coming!!! Have fun baby!
    Hahahaha! hahaha!!

  18. "Actions consistant with their claims"??
    if that were true, we'd all been driving around in eescam powered zenns early 2007. Alas we are not, You sir, are incorrect. Easy to convince the willing isn't it?

  19. To P.E
    Ooooooh! Are you talking about those anouncements from Zenn Motors? muhahaha! That's another thing, baby! You are so fool if you waste your time with that. Real business, doesn't make money with PR's. Real innovation is not about PR's. It's about brain and pacience. The day is coming, little boy!

  20. to By To Wednesday
    "Real business, doesn't make money with PR's",
    What do you think Dick Weir has been doing since 2001 when EESCAM was incorporated. EESCAM hasn't manufactured one product. EESCAM has been living on PR's and wait till end of year BS the last 6 years. Keep buying Dick Weir, Ian Clifford, and Baghead's BS.

  21. I'm surprised no one has mentioned in prev. comments that ZENN has announced it will no longer manufacture cars. Rather, try to sell it's technologies to other car Manufacturers. That tells me 2 things: One - they can't compete w/ the Big Boys once they decided to jump on the electric car tech/prod band(station?) wagon. Secondly, they have no 'sure hit' technology to produce an advantage or even an equal playing field.

  22. To Wednesday
    Yes, I know, you are so right! You are not alone. The great virtue of skeptics: where is the meat!!! :)
    - So Eestor does not want to have a website yet and U think they like PR's to make money. Amazing!
    - So Eestor (not Zenn) have only 2-3 official PR's in their records and you still think they like PR's to get your money. So Genius!
    - So they don't want more money from anybody and you keep craying. Really thoughtful!
    - Oh, wait, yeah.. probably you think that the leaked interview was very intentional from their side. Wow!
    One more little time: Are you sure that Dick Weird (not Zenn Motors) likes the PRs to get your money? Are you sure he wants your money? :))
    Dear! The meat is not in Zenn PRs, schedules or flying baloons! Turn of the TV for 5 minutes and start thinking!
    The muhaha day is coming!!!
    Happy Friday!

  23. By To Wednesday
    "The muhaha day is coming!!!"
    We have been hearing that BS from Dick Weir since 2004.
    You and Baghead followers can buy Dick's BS.

  24. All we can say about EEStor is a failing car company has said that EEStor is doing great, and in 1 month and change we are going to hear big BIG news...
    The news should go something like this???
    the timeline was not for December. This is not a delay, but expected in a start-up company like EEStor. The new timeline is expected to be for the end of Q1...
    (End of Q1): no, wait end of Q3.
    (End of Q3): Q3... Q4 Same difference.
    (Zenn could not wait for the EESU to boost the range and has closed shop on a poorly made enclosed golf cart - spinning this change to be the middle man for selling the EESU)

  25. EESTOR actually works, and is a proven technology. The problem has always been stability. Did they solve the stability problem of the crystals? Don't know. Perhaps a scam, but then again, perhaps not. It is not poorly executed if it is a scam. There are some intriguing proofs out there if you know where to look and have a background in engineering. Regardless, it is not looking good, what with all the pushing back followed by "leaks".

  26. Only 29 more days until we see the prototype -- right? They promised December... Or was that 2010? Will Lyle be attending the demonstration? If so, make sure you look behind the screen to make sure there are no wires attached to a generator!!!!

  27. Hi guys!
    Just a curiosity: does anybody know if the eestor's electrical consumption has been increasing lastly? (maybe spying the invoices or something like that...)
    It would be a good sign to calculate if really they have something, or if ultimately not.

  28. By JOJOm you wrote
    "EESTOR actually works, and is a proven technology."
    That statement is a LIE. Notice I spelled LIE with capital letters.

  29. 26 days and counting to a reforcast of the timeline.

  30. Hey JOJO, would love to hear where you learned the news about the EESU being proven technology. What company proved the technology? When did it happen? Who reported the information? A link wood be fine too.

  31. Re: Validity of EEStor. Have any of you techies looked up their patents? I don't think the examiner would grant a patent on technology that had no technology behind it. I think the potential for this SuperCap is so huge that they are still haggling over the highest price. Or, they are still engineering break down into the product.

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