Better Place Experimenting With EV Car Sharing at Train Stations

Renault Fluence EZ concept, 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show

Renault Fluence EZ concept, 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show

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Better Place, well known for their somewhat controversial battery swapping technology and their growing partnership with Renault is now toying with yet another new idea.  Better Place is partnering with DSB, Denmark's largest commuter train service company to provide an EV car sharing solution for train passengers.

The program will offer electric car sharing at select train terminals in Denmark.  The program will begin next year with a small pilot program run at the Hoje-Taastrup station and the Skanderborg station.  The service will allow train passengers to reserve an electric vehicle for travel after their train voyage.  The two pilot train stations serve the largest metropolitan areas of Denmark.  As part of the program, charging facilities will be installed near the EV rental facilities.

The success of the car sharing service lies in the commuter's ability to travel by train to a distant location while still having access to personal transportation once they have reached their destination. 

A program such as this may meet limited success in the U.S. where commuter trains are few and far between in many parts of the country, but many nations could be interested in the train to EV car sharing program.

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  1. This could be a big hit here in the US. No we don't have as many train stations but we do have airports! I could see electric car sharing taking off (pardon the pun) at airports in the future!

  2. = somewhat controversial battery swapping technology =
    I guess battery swapping technology is ideal for wide acceptance of EVs just like internet protocol.

  3. Battery swaping is hard to justify economically. Battery technology is rapidly changing and getting agreement on a myrid of issues such as volts, amps, water cooling, battery management, size, and weight changes with each new improvement. Standards are best for a more mature industry.
    Trains may be a niche not exploited by present car rental agencies. Best not to compete with them on their home turf at airports. They will all offer various electric vehicles as soon as they are more generally available.

  4. Are electric cars 100% non harmful towards the environment? No its not no means of transportation these days are emissions free. Congratulations is in order for the person who invented electric and hybrid car all those years ago but why are we staying stuck on this why are we not moving on to make it better for the environment,

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