Tesla Roadster, Toyota Prius, VW Touareg Crash in Denmark


Totaled Tesla Roadster

Totaled Tesla Roadster

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Here's a frightening scene from the streets of Denmark submitted to Autopia by reader, Lars H. A Tesla Roadster was involved in a three-way crash with a Volkswagen Touareg and a Toyota Prius earlier this week. Apparently the Roadster was stopped behind the Touareg when the Prius rear-ended the Roadster, pushing it under the SUV.

According to an email sent to Autopia by Tesla spokeswoman, Rachel Konrad, the owner of the Roadster was not driving or in the car at the time of the crash. The driver escaped with only minor bruises and as one commenter noted, the Roadster's passenger compartment appeared to hold up well under the weight of the 5,000-plus pound Touareg. We don't have any information on the occupants of the other vehicles.

For more discussion of the accident and an additional photo, check out the forum on the Tesla Motors Club website and Flickr.

Source: Autopia

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  1. This really shows how strong carbon fiber is. It shatters in an impact until all the energy is absorbed, then the rest remains stronger than steel. The passenger compartment definitely maintained its integrity, while the front and back crumple zones did there job. Since it's an EV, there were no flamable liquids to create a fire.

  2. Wow! Looks like Herbie the love bug style jelousy from the Prius. Imagine ramming that fancy pants Tesla under a Touareg until it crumbles into pieces!

  3. Hi
    I am the driver of the Tesla in the three-way crash. I`am all right and as Jason writes above, both front and back crumple zones did their job wel. But Tesla could do better with the neck support on top of the seat, it was very hard on my head. But the accident has convinced me that the Tesla is a very safe sports car. There were no damage in the passanger compartment at all. The Tesla was brand new and had only been running for 400 miles and it was very sad for the owner, I had lent it from. Over all, 6 people went to the hospital, and after 3 hours we were all on our way home. 12 hours after the accident, my famely and I could enter the plane for a week holiday in New York.
    I find it very interesting to read about the accident on different international web sites.
    Please feel free to make some comments if you have any questions.
    Steen (Denmark)

  4. Steen, praise the Lord you are OK. Thanks also for taking the time to verify the particulars of the accident. I hope you enjoy your time in the states.
    As for the headrest, it did its job too or you would be suffering from whiplash.
    How many miles were you able to put on the Roadster prior to the accident? Are / were you planning to buy a Roadster or Model S? How does the cold climate effect a BEV like the Roadster?

  5. Steen - Thrilled to hear that everyone is OK. Did you have any contact with the other drivers after the accident? Is Autopia's explanation of the accident accurate? Any idea why the Prius didn't stop? The fact that everyone walked away speaks to the safety of modern cars. The scene in the photo looks pretty nasty. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your stay in the U.S.

  6. hi and good morning, I am back on a rainy sunday in Denmark.
    Thanks to Jason and Rob for the comments. Yes N.Y. I will be back :O) It was very nice.
    I hit my head at the neck support, but I have not been suffering from whiplash yet. The doctors tell me there could be ocuring probems later, but not yet :O)
    The Tesla was only 14 days old and i had ben driving it for 400 miles. A new roaster has been orderd and paid by the insurance company and will arrive in Denmark in about 6 months. The new S model will not be avaliable here in DK until 2012.
    The driver of the Toyota Pirus Hybrid did not notice that the traffic was stopped in front of him (roadworks on the road). First he hit a motorbike, then me in the Tesla and I was pushed forward under the Touareg.
    About the climate the modern batteries will not be reduced power until -40 F and it would hopefully not be this cold in Denmark.
    Thanks for all for intrest in the accedent and my health.

  7. Steen, glad you enjoyed your trip. Do let us know if you develop any health problems as a result of your accident and let us know when the replacement Roadster shows up. It is interesting that the lead time is six months, because there was speculation that Tesla leadtimes were getting below 3 months. Glad the Roadster performs well in the cold climate. Any comments on the 400 miles you experienced in the Roadster?

  8. This is irony at its finest. And, the jokes just write themselves... A sports car (Roadster), a SUV (Touareg) and a hybrid (Prius) walk into a bar...
    What did the Prius say to the Roadster...? Why did the Touareg jump the shark...? Come on people, this is humorous. (sorry Steen... you have to laugh about this situation, now)

  9. That's a good start on a possibly funny joke, Matthew. Glad no one was hurt.

  10. Is the rider of the motorbike OK too?

  11. Wow, Glad your doing ok after that accident Steen. I guess the Prius owners insurance premiums will be going throught the roof. I'm glad to hear the Roadsters performance in cold weather ain't affected in cold weather that gives me more assurance that any Tesla will perform well despite the weather conditions.

  12. It shows the problem with no hands free texting. Inattention causes more accidents along with sleeping. I know TOP GEAR will show this and try to berate electric vehicles. I wonder why the rear vehicle did not have the collision sensor. This accident also happens in a drive up mailbox.
    Maybe the initial causer can make a "SAILABILITY" for his penance.

  13. As the photographer and holder of the copyright, I am disappointed to find no reference to the original source of the picture - namely my flickr site. John Nuttall (skagman)

  14. And the caption will read "SUV attacks alternative energy vehicles in a fit of high octane rage" he he..

  15. So perfect it almost looks faked. Funny!

  16. It just goes to show what happens when you forget how bad the brakes are on Toyota Prius's. You need to remember to stay out of their way:) I think the Toyota Prius was recalled and a fix was attempted. Oh well:(

  17. Yeah, If you want to do your wife in, just buy her a Toyota.

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