UL Has Received Request to Certify EEStor's Product

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Electric car enthusiasts are excited about the potential EEStor's as-yet-unseen product known as the EESU represents. An extremely lightweight, low-cost battery that can be charged in minutes and has a functionally unlimited lifetime.

Despite these amazing attributes and the fact that Zenn Motor's (ZNN.V) entire future is based on selling electric cars and powertrains that use the technology, no known working prototype has ever been demonstrated.

Much information lately indicates that this all about to change. EEStor founder Richard Weir has said the company plans to announce third party certification of the product by the end of this month and deliver the first working units to Zenn in the 4th quarter of this year.

Part of bringing the EESU to market involves having the novel device certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In fact, the UL has announced it is developing new standards for certifying the large batteries of electric cars.

If the EESU was really about to see the light of day, one would think EEStor has begun working with the UL.  I reached out to them for clarification.

"We have received a request to certify EEStor's product," said Priya L. Tabaddor, PhD, Global Energy Services, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Take that as you may.

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  1. This is huge! You don't submit vaporware to UL. This is the closest I've yet seen to validation that they have something real.
    Great scoop Lyle! (And congrats on beating B!)

  2. [q]You don't submit vaporware to UL[/q]
    Why not? is it a crime?

  3. Where do you get the info that Richard Weir said that he is supposed to announce third party certification by the end of this month? He never said anything about announcing it in his statements thus far on http://theeestory.com but did say that he was going to do the third party testing. I mean it only makes sense that he is going to announce it if he is going to do it, but there is much speculation on the blogs on http://theeestory.com.

  4. Lyle,
    Did you get a date as to when UL received the certification request or even a time frame regarding when testing will be completed?

  5. 12 Days left in September!!!
    Another failed milestone by EEStor and Tom Weir?

  6. #3
    Don't peddle Baghead Brendan's followers BS on this site.
    Lyle knows what he is talking about, if you don't like it, don't visit this site and stick your head in Baghead's Bag.

  7. there is 12 days left in September, so why is that significant? eestor said they would have an EESU to Zenn by 4th quarter, 2009 which btw, STARTS oct 1st.

  8. Polarity Inc. at polarity.net has eestor listed as a recent new contract to build the charging and proper voltage connect for automobile application. This apparatus would need to accompany the ultra-capacitor for UL testing and it would strongly indicate that both exist. When eestor feels that its patents are sufficent and in force you will hear more.

  9. I am still not holding my breath.
    I really really hope they are for real.
    But their completely secretive history tells me otherwise. 4th quarter is a couple of weeks away.
    We'll see by December 31, 2009 just how real/fake this is.

  10. Lyle,
    Did EEStor make the request of UL, or someone else? It's not perfectly clear from the quote.
    Even if EEStor does have a product, I would still want a range extender, because there aren't any quick charge stations available.

  11. JMH- if you want range immediately, try buying a very small, lightweight, and fuel efficient RotaPac gen system from Freedom Motors (Moller International) that is COTS hardware and is California EPA approved. Mount it in the trunk and splice into the exhaust.

  12. Lyle,
    Can you find out when this request was received and when they plant to start testing ?

  13. Hi Lyle,
    Could you please indicate your source for "EEStor founder Richard Weir has said the company plans to announce third party certification of the product by the end of this month "
    From all the info that I have seen, Richard Weir has not made a statement like that - specially that he would announce the results.
    Please indicate the source of this statement.
    The reason I am bringing this up is this would amount to stock pumping if the information is not real.

  14. From my interview with Ian Clifford, CEO of Zenn, published on GM-Volt.com on 7/20/09, his words are as follows:
    "A few weeks ago EEStor made the public statement that they anticipate having at-voltage components verified independently by September of this year and deliver of production prototype EESU to us by then end of 2009. That’s directly from EEStor. They made that statement very recently, so it’s very very exciting progress."
    He later clarified via email "The timeframe that EEStor had disclosed was the end of September."
    Other than the quote in the above article, I have no other comments from UL.

  15. Thank you Lyle for responding. I really appreciate it
    This is precisely my point "company plans to announce .. by the end of the month" is an assumption that could be made - but this is only an assumption and subject to interpretation
    I do not believe Ian nor Richard said they would "announce" the results. In fact this point has been clarified via email from Catherine (PR person at Zenn) via email. Here is a snippet that folks received from Catherine
    "It should be noted that while EEStor publicly stated their intention to complete component testing, they did not indicate if they would publicly disclose those results. Should EEStor announce the results, ZENN would comment on these results via news release."
    Given that there is no more milestone to Zenn other than an EESU and given eestor's secrecy I have no reason to beleive these results would be announced.
    Just my 2 cents

  16. Lyle,
    Regarding announcement by end of September, I have two issues:
    1) Your Ian Clifford statement implies test completion by September, not announcement of results (original permittivity announcement was months after tests were conducted, IIRC).
    2) We must apply the Ian "Imminent" Clifford filter to that statement...
    Thanks for continuing to keep us informed!

  17. Lyle, as others have already pointed out this is all about timing. I can't assume that what you wrote implies that this is a new request. Wier says he has been in contact with UL for years, so it doesn't surprise me that along the way he hasn't asked them to ultimately certify the EESU. This story has caused quite a stir, so I'm hoping you can provide clarification. I suspect that UL wouldn't be able to comment on the specific timeline, but I would hope they could answer a general question of "has a timeline been developed for performing that testing?"

  18. Another day passes, and no product. Days turn into weeks and months - soon another year passes by with nothing but cleverly worded press releases, always peppered with hope for next month, quarter, year ... and so it goes.

  19. This is so fun to watch! Those who don't get it are squirming in a pool of doubt.
    Relax children... all will be revealed soon.
    "Are we there yet!" says the impatient ones.
    "Soon" says the parent.

  20. You guys sound like an episode of the Hardy Boys or Scooby Doo trying to figure out a mystery. Too funny. This EScam is going to end badly. At least it's been entertaining, sort of, actually not really, rather boring really. Maybe the ending will be climatic.

  21. Oh my god, B's boys are all over Lyle. This post clears up for me the fact that neither EEstor nor ZENN has said that there will be some sort of public announcement about third party verification, pre production EESU delivery, or anything else by the end of September or even the end of the year. Although the milestone of a pre production EESU being delivered by the end of the year would trigger a payment which I would think would be spotted even if EEStor and ZENN wanted to keep things quiet.

  22. The only reason Baghead's followers are all over Lyle is they know there will be no successful "component testing" by September as stated by Tom Weir. The non announcement will have a negative impact on Zenn stock price which Baghead and his followers have an interest to pump Zenn. That is the only reason why they are all over Lyle and the INTERNET spreading their crap.

  23. I don't know, about a year ago there were some missed milestones which in the minds of a lot of people proved that EEstor was full of it. Then a few months after the deadlines were missed they managed to get to those milestones. I think it was permittivity verification and maybe something else also. I wouldn't be surprised if there is indeed component testing but just no announcement. It doesn't seem fair to cast more doubt on EEstor or ZENN for not making an announcement when they never said that they would. There's already more then enough doubt to go around.

  24. Um, am I missing something? Pretty sure anyone can make a request? its several steps in the UL process before the point where they need to actually submit something/anything to test. Hell If I was running this scam I would have announced that I "requested" this a long time ago. but then again the steady day after day drip feed of seemingly positive news innuendo from zenn stock pumpers needs to be staggered out a little bit so they can make money off the highs and lows. I will make my own request today for ul certification of my time warp device, then it becomes more credible... what a joke.

  25. Well if Zenn does announce the results of Eestor's third party testing, it will most likely be during the PHEV'09 conference which is going to be held from September 28 to September 30.

  26. ONE Question: If you´d have something as revolutionary as the EEStor batteries, wouldn´t you try to keep it as much secret until the very very last second before showing it to public. If this proves to be true and is SO revolutionary as they say, I really undestand why they keep it SO SECRET. Believe me I will do the same as they do and I will really give a damn about the datelines.

  27. Well they already have a couple of patents and some pending for their capacitor, and because of this, I think they can at least show the world that they have a viable product even if they do not release any prototypes to the public. They said it works, and they even went into a lot of detail into how it was made already (except for the purification of the barium titanate) so they should be safe to just at least give a peek to the public.

  28. SELL your Zenn stocks on Monday asap! Get out while you can! It is obviously a scam and will be worthless any day now.

  29. Or will skyrocket any day now.

  30. A UL certification of a modification to an existing product, even a simple product, will take at least 3 months. Even if the EEstore device fit into an existing category, certification will take at least 6 months.

  31. Eestor is doing exactly the right things to lock up the patent properly. Lest we forget, corporate espionage has always been at the forefront of white collar crimes. I wouldn't do anything different.
    Keep up the good work Eestor!

  32. Gentlemen,
    eestor doesn't adhere to the physics laws that you know because it falls under the new science of spintronics. It's real

  33. jfrog, I have been following Moller and Freedom Motors for years. I know they built a prototype Rotapac portable generator, but I have not seen it for sale anywhere. If you know something, I would be greatly interested.

  34. A UL certification doesn't mean it works. It just means it won't explode, start fires, and is otherwise generally safe. They don't test claims of performance, only safety. So all this verifies is that EEStor does, in fact, have or will soon have a prototype of the EESU. That's it.

  35. Goodness, what a great clamor this is! As I see it, when I can buy one, it exists. Until then, it's inconsequential.
    EEstor can announce whatever they want to. The only announcment that matters to me is where I can buy it and how much it costs. Until they make that one, I couldn't care less.

  36. The EESU (and the ZENN super golf cart powered by it) was to be in production at the end of last year. There is nothing in the EESU patent that indicates that it should work as claimed (about a 100 fold increase in energy density over real supercapacitors). The scammers have long claimed they would go directly into production of this 3500 volt bomb, without any prototype -- and people actually believe that! Might the reason they do not want to build a prototype be that they do not want to demonstrate that the whole thing is a scam?
    The scam should die at the end of the year, but another delay will be announced, and people will continue to support the scam, just as if nothing's wrong... exactly as they did last year at this time.

  37. I doubt that this is a scam. Premature ejaculation maybe, but not a scam.

  38. Interesting. While Eestor is sitting on their butts, my bet is someone else might come along and produce something and give them a shake up. And that might spur them up. Ultimately though, it will be best for the consumers.

  39. What a disappointment. It's November 2010 already.

  40. The EESCAM story continues.

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