Yet Another Reason To Buy a Toyota Prius: Cheap Insurance!

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2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

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There are many excellent reasons to buy a Toyota Prius, new or used, leading off with the hybrid's superb fuel economy: 50 miles per gallon for the new 2010 Toyota Prius.

Now you can add to that list another justification. It turns out that the Toyota Prius will save you money on insurance.

The insurance site calculated average auto insurance premiums for almost 300 different 2009 vehicles. In May 2009, the national average for auto insurance was $1,871.

The average insurance premium for a Toyota Prius, however, was roughly $1,300. It wasn't the least expensive Toyota--that honor went to the Camry sedan, at $1,135--but it was cheaper than both the Corolla sedan ($1,400) and the Tundra pickup truck ($1,325).

The cost difference between the Camry sedan and the Prius hatchback, which has roughly the same interior space, may be due to the slightly higher cost of repairs on the Prius. That differential now appears to be falling, as more hybrids enter the market.

A new study concludes that Prius repairs cost 8.4 percent more than repairs on non-hybrid economy cars.

A new study concludes that Prius repairs cost 8.4 percent more than repairs on non-hybrid economy cars.

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[ via ToyotaMonitor]

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Comments (8)
  1. Yer kidding... AVERAGE insurance is $1,871...!!!
    $1300 for a Prius?
    Either US insurance companies are rip-off merchants or US drivers have a lot of smashes!

  2. You seem to have an inside track.
    We are ready to tragde a clunker in tomorrow for a 2010 series II Prius. We have an 07 and love it.
    Any leads on where I could find one tomorrow 8/21/2009 in California?
    If not then How about AZ or Nev and if we do that, do we pay the fee's twice?

  3. @Ted: No inside track to Toyota dealer stock situation here, sorry ... but keep us posted and let us know if you're successful. Good luck!

  4. 他们是非常好的和有用的!

  5. they are very good and useful!!!

  6. John, I wish you did a little homework before publishing such articles. You are completely wrong. Having read your article, I went ahead and bought a new 2011 Prius. Guess what, my insurance went 200 higher than before when I drove a Ford Explorer. I have great records, no ticket, no accident for 15 years and AAA says hybrid cars can potentially be on the road more (not that I drive more on the road), therefore, the cost of Prius insurance is higher. You better do your homework the next time you talk about something.

  7. @BTZ: I am sorry to hear about your experience. The data in the article is sourced to (see link at the bottom) and is based on averages. Individual situations may vary for any number of reasons. In any case, we stand by the article as written.

  8. John, My premium experience is the opposite of BTZ's. I bought an 07 Prius and my annual premium is < $500 with $1000 deductibles. I still thought that was high since it's more than our Lincoln Town car, but apparently not based on higher hybrid repair costs.

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