2010 Toyota Prius Industry Firsts--A Quiz

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2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

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As we mentioned last time, one of the attractions at Prius Connection New York was a "20 Questions" tree to see how much we really knew about the new 2010 Toyota Prius.

It didn't get much traffic, sitting back there in a corner. Not surprisingly, the brand new, metallic blue, top-spec Prius next to it stole all the attention. (The solar moonroof was a particular hit among the fans.) But we were intrigued by the idea of testing our knowledge, so after a cocktail, we started flipping through the questions hanging off its branches.

We're proud to say we nailed most of the questions--we do our best to keep up--including how a hybrid works, what chemistry the battery pack uses, and so forth. But one completely stumped us. It's a great question, so we wondered how many of you would know it.

What three industry firsts can be found in the 2010 Prius?

For the record, an "industry first" is a feature that has never before appeared in any production vehicle.

Now, because we're nice guys here, we'll offer a few clues. One of the features is to maximize fuel economy; another is only for the driver; and the last one can only be used outside the car.

You might well be able to answer this by some assiduous web searching. And frankly, we don't have any prizes to offer other than glory. But that said, enter your answers in the comments and we'll let you know as soon as someone has all three right. Go!

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Comments (6)
  1. "-"

    1. Solar Panel Ventilation System
    2. Touch Tracer
    3. Remote Air Conditioning System

  2. "HSD Head"

    1. Cd of 0.25
    2. EPA Combined MPG of 50 (can be done in a Gen II with care)
    3. Touch tracer
    4. Exhaust heat recovery to warm engine
    5. No belts

  3. "Educator"

    1. Elimination of all belts under the hood, notably water pump (maximize fuel economy)
    2. ECO, Power, EV modes (only selectible by the driver)59o39
    3. Sun roof solar ventilation system linked to key fob AC activation to cool the Prius without starting the ICE. (only used outside the car)
    All of these are firsts in a production vehicle. There are demonstration solar sunroof panels by Sunrise Solar, but they are replacements for the standard glass, not production units from the manufacturer.

  4. "So very close ..."

    The correct set of three exists if you add these three answers together ... but, according to Toyota, not one of you has (yet) gotten *exactly* the right set. Keep trying ...

  5. "Educator"

    No belts is "Toyota first"
    -0.25 Cd is "cleanest aerodynamic profile of any mass-produced vehicle in the world"
    -"remote air-conditioning system...first system in the world to function on battery-power alone...can be remotely operated...driver can adjust the interior temperature… before getting in the car"
    -"Touch Tracer...first system in the world to allow steering wheel controls to read out on the instrument panel"
    SAE International had a paper on Exhaust Heat Recovery System 3/2001

  6. "This must be it:"

    1) Touch Tracer
    2) Exhaust heat recovery to warm engine
    3) AC activation to cool the Prius without starting the ICE

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